19:53 GMT +328 February 2017
    Ground Self-Defense Force anti-land mine missile is launched during an annual live firing exercise

    How Washington Uses Pyongyang to Justify Military Aggression Against China

    © AP Photo/ Koji Sasahara
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    In what may develop into a new arms race, Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear explores the West’s expanding military presence, and how such goals play into the Pentagon’s effort to gain military superiority in space.

    "Really, the Cold War is raging again," Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power, tells Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear. "The US is absolutely encircling Russia and China today."

    Part of the West’s strategy includes a new arsenal of "smart" nuclear weapons with adjustable yields, as well as missile defense systems on board Navy warships.

    The Pentagon is also developing a military space plane that Gagnon has nicknamed a "super drone."

    "It can stay in orbit for a year at a time. It can have many functions. It can be a surveillance vehicle. It can go up as an anti-satellite weapon and capture another country’s satellites, or it could fire weapons from space onto the earth below," he says.

    The technology has been successfully demonstrated previously.

    "Many years ago, NASA tested a weapon fired from an orbiting satellite around the moon…saying they wanted to go under the ground and look for ice under the moon’s surface," Gagnon says. "You could take that same technology, orbit the Earth, and fire at China or Russia and use it as a bunker-buster weapon."

    The Pentagon’s pursuit of space weapons dates back to a 2006 US Air Force budgetary plan calling for "space superiority capabilities." Combined with Washington’s global missile defense shield, an aggressive space presence would represent a threat to world peace, allowing the US to attack instantaneously, without fear of retaliation.

    "[This] means you’ll be able to attack an adversary within a matter of minutes anywhere on the planet using space technology," Gagnon says.

    If the United States has the capability to launch nuclear weapons from orbit it will incite nations like Russia and China to be on hair trigger alert at even the slightest border infraction.

    "That’s one of the reasons – amongst many – why Russia’s been so concerned about the US coup d’etat in Kiev, in Ukraine," he says. "Imagine the US putting missile defense systems – literally – right on the Russian border?

    "Russia will be literally freaking out."

    In light of North Korea’s recent nuclear test, Gagnon also addresses Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems recently set up in South Korea. While Washington has ostensibly installed these systems to deter North Korea, but it is thought that they are actually aimed at China.

    "North Korea is not in any way any military threat to the US or South Korea, but it is constantly used by the United States as justification to maintain US military occupation of South Korea, and Japan, and Okinawa, and other places in the region."


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      NOW THIS IS PROPAGANDA BULLHORN!!!! this insanity will end the only way it can, with the downfall of the raging insane united
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      I say- try to do that :)
    • The only country to be afraid of others yet the only one to attack them..(based on lies).
    • USA the land of debts debts and debts. Is it 21 trillion dollars at the moment or what.
      The world don´t need weapons to succumb the US of A You can let the market do the job for ya.
      Sell some
    • Mother Gorilla
      China produces more than 22% of world industrial output, Russia holds 20-30% of the world's natural resources depending what and how one counts. The U.S. won't be able to intimidate those two even with their big nukes!
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      As long as both China and Russia support US policies in regard to the DPRK the situation will only get worse and this is exactly what the United States wants. For China and Russia to continue to support this tit for tat insanity enables the United States to continue to use the situation as an excuse to beef up it's military presence in Asia. Why should the US negotiate an end to the Korean conflict as long as the conflict allows them to make military and geo political gains in the region? By reversing the current path taken by China and Russia, that is opposing sanctions and becoming more involved in the improvement of the DPRK economy the United States would have no choice but to negotiate a permanent settlement of the Korean War. The current policy of squeezing and arm twisting will only allow the United States to further foment trouble on the peninsula.
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      As far as the US militarization of space goes, as I said over and over the only possible way for the world to reach a state of stability and peace is the elimination of the United States as a super power and the neutering of it's war machine by a concerted effort on the part of the whole international community to isolate and crush the US economy with boycott's and sanctions.
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      Russia MUST worry about economy. The rest will keep coming in. NO Ukraine deals with Crimea resolved. No referendum.
      NATO is the worst threat Russia ever faced. Worst than NAZI Europe. That was created by U.K, U.S and minions. And Russia MUST wake up. Why Georgia out of EEU? And then want visa free entry, and concessions. While entering E.U? Really?
      EEU, CIS MUST merge more into a BIG common space. Ex members, MUST be dished out. Georgia want all that? Join. Or get new pipes that won't need Georgia. using pipes Russia built. WOW.
      Ukraine.gas transit after 2019? NO!! Be firm. Or E.U can get gas from elsewhere.
      BE AGGRESSIVE.. VERY AGGRESSIVE. Be a threat. But not hostile. There IS a difference. Attitude and firmness, without violence. Violence is a last resort.
      NO to Nuland unless Crimea recognized. Be like Israel. JAO is in Russia. So let your citizens speak. Like Israel, no Israeli recon, no peace.
      Be like that . Bull doze Ukraine too. U.S , E.U can be told to go tell that to Israel.. As a joke.
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      if the U.S. were to leave the Korean peninsular, where would the troops be posted to?
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      Washington will use anything to justify agression.
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      The image shown in the article is a Japanese anti-landmine rocket and has nothing to do with US or South Korean forces against either North Korea or China. (Specifically, AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi see news.yahoo.com/photos/japan-ground-self-defense-forces-anti-landmine-missile-photo-050549788.html) This is not an uncommon error on Sputnik News. You should try to locate and hire a photojournalist with some military background and credibility.
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