00:08 GMT17 June 2021
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    Oregon Republicans will continue to endorse the Oregon militia’s conduct in seizing federal land in the state, Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier told Sputnik on Friday.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Saturday, the militia group Citizens for Constitutional Freedom occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters after a march in support of local ranchers. The move was made in response to the decision of US authorities to increase the jail time for a local farmer’s family on a charge of arson committed in 2006.

    “The Oregon Republican Party stands with the Hammonds, who have suffered through many years of federal bureaucratic aggression and lawless behavior by federal agencies,” Currier said.

    Currier argued that the militia has actually benefited the environment in the past by their actions.

    “When fires and invasive species threatened their grazing land, they took action, as would you or I, to save that land,” Currier said.

    He added that when the accidental burning resulted in “a few hundred dollars’ worth” of damage to federal land, the government stepped in to seize private land.

    “Even a casual observer understands that federal terrorism laws were never intended to apply to ranchers attempting to protect their grazing land,” Currier said.

    He added the federal government has done this in the past when they’ve seized on these types of situations.

    US Government Violating Its Own Laws in Treatment of Oregon Militia

    “When the government, who is charged with protecting all of us under the law, violates those very same laws and the principles upon which they are based, we should all be very concerned, and take active steps to put government back on track,” Currier said.

    Currier argued that the militia are not the first US citizens who have dealt with this type of abusive government behavior and should cause many other citizens to take notice immediately.

    “These tactics are a violation of several constitutional protections,” Currier said. “We see the real threat as a detached out-of-control federal bureaucracy that threatens us all.”

    Currier concluded that while violating federal land is against the law, the militia is right because they are pointing out a double standard on the part of the US government.

    On Wednesday, the militia group’s website spokesperson John Asturias told Sputnik that their protest continues to remain peaceful and the group is only armed to defend themselves in exercising their Second Amendment rights guaranteed in the US Constitution.


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