17:22 GMT +319 February 2017
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    Obama Can Call State of Emergency to Stop Legal Action on Gun Controls

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    US President Barack Obama could implement a state of emergency in order to prevent legal challenges to his executive gun control regulations, US advocacy group National Gun Victims Action Council Secretary Martha Rosenberg told Sputnik.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Obama unveiled measures earlier in the day that will require individuals involved in trading firearms to obtain special licenses and carry out background checks of their customers. The US government would treat failure to comply as a criminal matter.

    “A pro-gun Congress will legally challenge the actions and stall them as it has done with immigration executive actions. A State of Emergency would block that,” Rosenberg said on Tuesday.

    Obama also pledged to increase funding for treating mental health, as well as support research on gun safety technology. The president underscored that the measures will not violate US citizens’ constitutional right to bear and keep arms.

    Rosenberg argued that US shooters can still bypass the US government’s background check system, because it continues to be prone to errors.

    “Many, and possibly most, mass shooters pass their background checks because the system is very flawed,” Rosenberg noted.

    On Tuesday, advocacy group Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence Executive Director Bryan Miller told Sputnik that Obama’s new gun control rules will reduce US teen suicides and accidental shootings.


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      he can also declare martial law
    • mainstream.media.propaganda
      Obama is selling an endless supply of Guns to Saudi Arabia, while restricting Gun sales for Americans. lol WTF??
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      US under martial law would be fantastic!!
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      There is no state of emergency. Look, Obama isn't smart enough to pull all this crap off, and, except the congress is in on it, except congress allows it to happen, then none of this bs could happen. I have never in over seventy years seen such bs going on in Washington DC as is the case today. The WHOLE system is corrupt, criminal, and needing a real big fix. Not just a fix in the Whitehouse, a fix throughout the whole system. No one can qualify the crap that has been going on with the Legislation, it is a Lawyers joke on us, what is happening there, on the Hill. Somehow we need to wipe the smile off their faces, we are not stupid DC. Having so many lawyers in one place is like a cancer, each one trying to out bs the other one. And, the joke is on us, as they laugh all the way to the bank. This, is enough, we must bring an end to this crap.
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      manofsteel194275in reply toThor(Show commentHide comment)
      puffinwillow, No, he cannot, not on his own, and, certainly not if the Legislators decide he cannot. Any and every Executive Action, can be, at the very least, held at bay, slowed down by discussion, made null and void by congressional decree. Oh yeah, we're dealing with Lawyers here, they can find a pimple on a Nat's behind if they decide too. It is all in the wording, the way words and their meanings have changed, progressed over the course of time. Land laws and Marine laws, (see: Jordan Maxwell) working with a 'circus' of bs made law, lawyers have a huge game board to play on and with. If the discussion can ever be corralled, and it can, so that the objective is justice or righteousness, or just LAW; and, the CONGRESS can make this happen at any time on any matter. See, we are up against the whole that is the Government, sold out to the powers that own the Earth, and nothing will change except we take matters into our own hands. This process begins with voting.
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      manofsteel194275in reply tomainstream.media.propaganda(Show commentHide comment)
      mainstream.media.propaganda, If the people using the Internet and knowing the truth do not get busy and make sure every incumbent is voted out of office, then, this nightmare will continue into the waking hours and we really will begin to feel the pain. Even, hunger pains. We, are up up against tens of millions of people on the dole, people who couldn't care less about the state of the world, the state of the United States, just get my check in the mail, sir; every vote we can get, to vote, to vote against every incumbent, to make it stick, monitor the voting process and stations, every single vote is precious and extremely necessary; we, are in real trouble today, with a wannabemillionaires Congress and Senate eating away everything American. Devouring our every hope and dream; we, must make of ourselves and for our nation, and, for our children (as they cannot do it themselves) a future, a future free of the Political Criminality now in place in Washington D.C.. This time is probably the last time we will have any chance of doing anything politically, let's make it count.
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      One these days, Congress and the military are going to 'just say no'
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