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    US President Barack Obama

    Obama Executive Action on Guns Subverts US Law - House Speaker Ryan

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    House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said that Barack Obama’s proposed executive action on gun ownership infringes on the constitutional rights of US citizens.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) President Barack Obama’s proposed executive action on gun ownership infringes on the constitutional rights of US citizens, House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said in a Monday press release.

    "He [Obama] acts as if the right to bear arms is something to be tolerated, when in truth… it is fundamental," Ryan stated.

    Obama is expected to announce executive action on gun control on Tuesday, according to widespread media reports.

    The president has repeatedly called for legislative action to impose more rigorous background checks on gun owners, among other measures. In recent months he has also called for actions to prevent individuals on the terrorist watch list from obtaining firearms.

    Ryan further warned the president against implementing gun control measures "by executive fiat."

    The US Congress already rejected gun control measures in 2015, Ryan said, arguing that an executive action "is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will."

    The Second Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right of Americans to keep and bear arms.


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      What the heck...if Americans want to go on killing each other...let them.
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      The 2nd Amendment is vague. It could mean only the militia can bear arms or all Americans can bear arms, including the crooks, the insane, psychos and jihadists. The Supreme Court's interpretation is the latter. As a result, there are 30,000 gun related casualties a year.

      Does the right to bear arms include assault weapons and semi-automatic rifles that can result in mass killing? If so why not allow Americans to buy other lethal arms like flame-throwers, hand grenades and bazookas too?
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      When you read quotes from the forefathers, the intent is for "the people" to own arms- period.
      "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
      -- Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334
      "The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."
      -- Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers at 184-188
      "One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms."
      -- Constitutional scholar Joseph Story, 1840

      There actually were great men with great minds in this country in days past.
    • Guy M
      Mass killings take place everyday due to tobacco and the only restriction on it's purchase is age. It's election time and the commies are just trying get votes from their delusional, uneducated masses
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      Let Ryan know, we support his statement, whole heartedly. When they do something right, which is not all that often; I mean, none of us are going to be night and day, pounding away at the keyboard, dialing on the telephone, thanking a Legislator for doing something right; they don't do much right; so, when they do let's let them know we are happy about it.
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      America is doing just what its European ancestors did plundered , murdered and committed genocide on most native peoples in many different countries. However there were many Americans in the north of the country who neither owned slaves nor believed it was right and no Americans really do NOT have a choice when it comes to their leadership many think they do but its a fallacy the filthy rich and their secret and not so secret societies are the ones who determine who runs the country . Democrats, Republicans are both owned by those above mentioned
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      manofsteel194275in reply topeskyvera(Show commentHide comment)
      peskyvera, I don't agree with your comment, it is like, you, are pushing an agenda. It is for sure Americans are not 'killing each other' like the Jews in Israel are killing their own kind -Semites. Yeah, I know, Jews, aren't Semites, they are Ashkenazi, which could be translated too: WHITE PEOPLE. However, for some strange reason Jews like to fool people a lot and claim to be not white but Semite, hey man, I, ain't fooled, I see all those blue, green, hazel eyes, and, the blond, brown, red hair on you guys and girls. Anyway, I think it is mean, what you wrote. Sure Americans, white ones, brown ones, black ones, yellow ones, all of us, Americans; yeah, we have our problems but we are not in control of ourselves, we are being controlled by the JewTube Medias. Still, we don't do badly toward one another, and, soon, I think, that old nasty JewTube is going to get fixed so it doesn't lie so much.
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      I am not pushing any agenda. Yours is a very violent nation and this violence is being exported all over the world. Go ahead...kill each other but leave the rest of the world out of this.
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