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    30% of GOP Want to Bomb Country from Disney’s Aladdin

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    The US passion for military intervention in Arab countries is well documented. Now that the kneejerk behavior is encoded in US foreign policy, new levels of hysteria have been achieved by some 30% of Republicans answering a survey who agree that the fictional desert nation of Agrabah deserves the same treatment.

    The "bomb Agrabah" sentiment cannot implemented, however, since the country does not exist.

    A Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll published Thursday revealed that almost one in three Republican voters failed school geography after agreeing that Agrabah should be forcefully brought to democracy, compared to 13% of those who opposed military intervention.

     Image: public policy polling
    Image: public policy polling

    The desire by voters to bomb a fictional location back to the Stone Age became a trending topic on Twitter shortly thereafter.

    Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was supported by 45% of Republicans promoting the idea of bombing the fictional Disney movie country. In contrast, 22% said no.

    The left-leaning polling firm noted that Trump supporters are more likely to support bombing the Aladdin movie land of Agrabah.

    ​Democrats echoed the initiative after 19% expressed their support to bomb the fictional desert country, but 36% said they opposed using real weapons on a fake land.

    The PPP came up with the idea to ask about a fictional nation following the recent GOP debate mostly focused on the Middle East and the threat of violent fundamentalist Islam.

    "We got the idea to see how far that might extend — if people would reflexively support bombing something that sounded vaguely Middle Eastern," Mashable cited PPP spokesman Jim Williams as saying.


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