15:23 GMT04 March 2021
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    Free-range capitalist Internet villain Martin Shkreli has resigned as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, as bizarre online antics between himself and various teenagers on livestream have come to light.

    Shkreli, the poster boy of US pharmaceutical industry greed, was arrested by the FBI on Thursday for securities fraud. Currently the subject of a Senate investigation into “pricing of off-patent drugs,” this new arrest is unrelated.

    “Pharma Bro” rose to infamy in September when he purchased the rights to a life-saving drug, Daraprim, used to treat toxoplasmosis, which can be deadly for those who have compromised immune systems, including people living with HIV or cancer, and increased the price some 5000%, from $13.50 per tablet to $750.

    On Friday, the New York Times released a transcript of a bizarre conversation on livestream between the 32-year-old and a teenage girl. It was reported that Shkreli would stream through YouTube sometimes for 10 hours or more, while working, playing video games, strumming a guitar and, occasionally, as he slept.

    Conversations between himself and an apparent student at his former high school raised many eyebrows.

    Student: “All my friends think you’re really cool and we want to be your best friends.”

    Mr. Shkreli: “Great. I think the media would have problems with me being friends with a bunch of high school kids.”

    Student: “That might be a little bit of an issue but, like, we can ignore that.”

    Mr. Shkreli: “Yeah, whatever. I’m trying to dominate the rap industry.”

    Student: “That’s cool. Um, how’s that going? I heard that you spent $2 million on a Wu-Tang Clan album.”

    Mr. Shkreli: “It’s only the beginning.”

    Soon after that, the student asked Shkreli to attend a school dance with her.

    Mr. Shkreli: “My Internet friends don’t think this is a good idea. I am blushing though.”

    Later in the conversation, she asks more about his friends.

    Mr. Shkreli: ”My friends? I don’t have any friends. Some of them, like, one of my good friends is in Rikers right now. He’s in for attempted murder and drug trafficking.”

    Student: “Wow, that’s very exciting.”

    Mr. Shkreli: “You might’ve heard of him. His name is Bobby Shmurda.”

    Student: “I actually haven’t, but [trails off].”

    “I’m going to be at the courtyard tomorrow, and I’m going to beat the [expletive] out of you," Shkreli allegedly threatened another student who joined the chat. "You can tell the principal, who, by the way, I have drinks with, so he’s not going to do [expletive].”

    It has also been reported that he may have hung-up on an FBI agent during one of his livestream sessions on the night before his arrest. 

    Hours before the arrest, Shkreli is seen in the footage hanging up and saying, “yeah, yeah, yeah,” it is believed that he may have been speaking to an agent, but the FBI has not yet confirmed the reports.


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