23:53 GMT08 May 2021
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    A call to ban Muslims from entering the United Sates by presidential candidate Donald Trump could play into the hands of terrorist recruiters, US Secretary of State John Kerry said Sunday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — After a shooting in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, when a radical Islamic couple shot and killed 14 people, Trump said that the US borders should be closed to Muslims.

    "It's a very dangerous foreign policy because it says to those in Islam who are trying to exploit people and recruit foreign fighters and otherwise, it says look, look at America. Here they've got a guy running for president who is waging war against Islam," Kerry said during CBS’s Face the Nation program.

    He said the impression Trump’s statements were making could be exploited by terrorist recruiters.

    "It's exploitable, whether he intended it or not. And it allows for recruitment. It allows for America to seem like it is indeed discriminatory against Islam, against Muslims," Kerry added.

    The state secretary said that such an approach was also discriminating against many US citizens who were Muslim.

    Trump's statements have caused a strong reaction worldwide, with calls to ban Trump from entering the United Kingdom and French authorities criticizing the US billionaire for his stance on Muslims.


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