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    Printscreen, FOX 5 'Unfiltered': Syrian Refugee Crisis

    Muslim Journalist Tells Off Fox News Military Analyst on Syrian Refugees

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    A Muslim journalist came out on top against a Fox news military analyst in a dispute over Syrian refugees fleeing ISIL terrorists and coming to the US.

    Amid a growing threat of terrorist attacks in the US, a military analyst appearing on Fox news advocated for closing the country's borders to Syrian refugees but showed ignorance in analyzing the situation from the global perspective.

    Military analyst and retired US marine corps member Jessie Jane Duff has been roundly rebuked by digital journalist Noor Tagouri for her "entitled and arrogant" view of Syrian refugees. 

    The dispute was set alight when Fox's sister channel in Washington DC, WTTG had them on air.

    Tagouri began the debate by stressing that, despite a massive Syrian migration to the US, no refugee out of 750,000 has been arrested on suspicion of domestic terrorism.

    Duff in return slammed the country's screening process saying refugees fleeing Syria could be a "Trojan horse" for ISIL. She mentioned the Syrian passport that was found on the body of the suspected terrorist during the Paris attacks.

    The terrorist's true identity has still been under investigation, however, and there is no real evidence that he was a Syrian citizen. Moreover, all the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Paris were confirmed to have European passports.

    Duff sounded ridiculous when she mentioned the price Syrian refugees would cost to US taxpayers refuting comparisons with Jews escaping Nazi Germany and being sent back to Europe by the US during the Second World War.

    "We did the same thing to the Jews. We sent Jews back to Europe because we were afraid that they might be communists," Tagouri said. "The same Syrian orphan that's trying to come here is the same three-year-old Jewish orphan from 1939. Why are we going to repeat that mistake when this is our humanity — which is being just shattered in this country."

    Duff responded: "I find that insulting, this is a different type of refugee and I find it insulting that you would compare it to the Jews."

    "I think it's entitled and arrogant because this isn't how America's foundation was built," Tagouri said.

    The Muslim journalist responded with the argument saying "They (ISIL) want us to fear."

    "This is exactly what ISIS wants. This is such a shame that we're talking like this," the journalist said, suggesting the terrorists main aim is to divide society and to make it fearful.

    She also mentioned that it's much easier to come to the US as a tourist or a student than as a refugee.

    "For us to sit here and continuously feed into this idea of what ISIS wants us to believe, which is what you're doing," said Tagouri. "They are literally sitting laughing at us because we're having this discussion."

    Duff's proposal to stop Syrian refugees fleeing ISIL terrorists coming into the US ranks at the top of the list of unconstitutional proposals following Trump's mandatory Muslim database creation and for mosque closures and Jeb Bush's proposal to allow only Christian refugees from Syria.


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