02:38 GMT13 April 2021
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    As the second US Democratic presidential debate approaches, one controversy is making the rounds – Hillary Clinton’s hairdo. And with this, one man, harassed his entire adult-life, saw a chance to shine the spotlight on someone else’s pompadour.

    Last month, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was dragged through an excruciating ten hours of questioning about her responsibility for the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi. Led by Congressional Republican, this was only the latest of several such hearings, none of which found the former Secretary of State guilty of any wrongdoing.

    By all accounts, the hearings had been dismissed as a partisan attack meant to drive down Clinton’s poll numbers.

    But with her favorability higher than ever, some conservatives are looking for new, more inventive ways to keep Clinton out of the White House.

    Enter conservative media mogul Matt Drudge, who thought he’d take a stab at the Don’t-Vote-for-the-Bald-Woman approach.

    To get to the bottom of the matter, People Magazine asked Clinton’s hairstylist the question of the week: “Does Hillary Clinton wear a wig?”

    "You guys are so funny," Santa Nikkels told People. "She has the most amazing hair in the world."

    So there have it. Hillary Clinton: Former Secretary of State and walking Paul Mitchell advertisement.

    But one man probably isn’t ready to let rumors of a Democratic toupee die so easily. During an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin on Wednesday, Republican rival Donald Trump was emphatic.

    "I tell you what, it really was shocking to see it because you’re right it must be, it was massive," Trump said, joining team wig. "Her hair became massive."

    By which Trump is essentially saying that, upon finding himself inside a glass house, he prefers to hurl the largest rock he can find.

    Trump’s hair has been likened to a guinea pig, a troll doll, an Amazonia caterpillar, a howler monkey, donut frosting, a thin slice of salmon, a tumbleweed, a corn cob, a chicken nugget, and the business end of a Shar Pei. He’s confronted questions about the authenticity of his hair so often that he dragged someone onstage during a stump speech in August for the express purpose of tugging on his coiffure.

    "We’re gonna settle this. Just come on up here. You have to do an inspection. This is getting crazy," he said at the time.

    Yet, when asked by Levin if he was worried about facing repercussions for his comments on Clinton’s hair – the two are old friends, after all – Trump replied: Nah.

    "I don’t care," he said. "I’m a person that tells the truth. You know it was interesting to see but I’ve never seen Hillary with that hairdo so I think that’s an OK thing to say, but it was very different."

    Real or fake, one of these bouffants could be sitting in the Oval Office come 2017.


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