04:12 GMT19 June 2021
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    Barack Obama seems to have several things in common with his predecessor George W. Bush, at least when it concerns Afghanistan and the current situation in Syria. Like Bush, Obama is likely to pass on the problems he created to “the next occupant of the White House,” the website What They Say About USA wrote.

    The military operations of the US abroad turned out to be mostly inefficient. This concerns Afghanistan, and this is also true for the latest US military involvement in Syria.

    According to the article, “Russia and Afghanistan come up revealing the failure of the most powerful world state.”

    Russia’s military operation in Syria took the Americans by surprise and revealed the inefficiency of their military tactics and programs. The US recently recognized the failure of its training program for rebels designed to prepare them for the fight against ISIL terrorists.

    However, despite its failure, the US seems to be fond of making mistakes and is continuing supplies of military equipment to Syria. The equipment, including trucks and other vehicles, was recently reported to have fallen into the hands of ISIL members.

    “It won't be a surprise if ISIL fighters make a video of them using anti-tank missiles produced by American company Raytheon,” the article said.

    Afghanistan is another country where the US armed forces have achieved little positive results, and left much chaos instead. The Taliban is still continuing its activities and even seized additional territories in the south of the country, including the important regional center Kunduz.

    The US attempts to retake the captured territories only resulted in dozens of deaths of innocent people, when the US fighter jets bombed a Kunduz hospital run by Doctors Without Borders.

    “This attack proved that after many years of separation, disruption, and the death of its leader, the Taliban is ready to declare itself as a political player through military means,” the website wrote.

    And it also proved that the US’ activities do not help countries out of the crises, but bury them into chaos.


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