07:20 GMT14 June 2021
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    US businessman William Langfan has promised to give an epic prize of $1 million in cash to whoever provides proof that the Palestinian National Council (PNC) modified the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to recognize Israel in its charter as it said it would in Oslo.

    "I will up the ante to a million dollars to the first person who can present a charter modification with annulments duly voted by the PNC. It's a million dollar bank check from Wells Fargo," the New Yorker said.

    Soon after the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced in his annual General Assembly speech that Palestine was no longer restrained by the Oslo Peace Accords, the US businessman made a bet that many believe poses no risk to him.

    The thing is, the clauses of the 1964 Palestinian National Charter, one that is treated by Palestinians as nearly sacred, proclaimed the foundation of Israeli state unlawful and called for armed resistance until the liberation of Palestine. Nullifying those clauses was essential for the "Peace Process" which began in 1993 with the Oslo accord.

    Before Israel and the PLO signed the document, former PLO chairman Yasser Arafat in a letter to then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin agreed to cancel the clauses calling for an armed resistance and said he would submit the matter to the PNC for approval. This was long considered proof that the PLO had acknowledged Israel's existence, Langfan explained in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

    However, there was never a two-thirds majority vote, necessary to modify the charter. Only three years from then the PNC was asked to ratify the change and decided to "re-draft" the charter, yet "no record of any redrafted charter has ever been presented to the public," Langfan unambiguously stated. Not even after another letter by Arafat, this time to former US President Bill Clinton, in which he claimed that the anti-Israel clauses were excluded from the charter.

    According to Langfan, all this time there were just lies but never an actual vote or any other record, and the whole Oslo process was based upon something that never took place.

    "All that they did was reaffirm Arafat's lies, that something was done… that was never done," he said.


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