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    Man Threatened to Kill Coworkers, Avoids Charges by Deleting Facebook Post

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    A Michigan man who brought two handguns to his office avoided criminal charges by deleting a Facebook post, thereby preventing investigators from retrieving any incriminating evidence against him.

    Grady Floyd's coworkers at Washtenaw County Community Support and Treatment Services contacted police after Floyd attached a threatening message to a photo of him holding a shotgun and an AK-47 with a grenade launcher, MLive.com reported.

    According to a police report, coworkers summarized the Facebook Post thusly:

    "I'm just going to put it out to my so-called co-workers at CSTS. I am not putting up with this (expletive) (expletive) anymore. I am tired of people hating on me. I have two kids named pebbles and bam-bam who can deal it. I am going to shut you up permanently. Once they go off you are done, you are dead. You know you are. I do my (expletive) job. You haters need to leave me alone."

    Floyd was in possession of two.380 semi-automatic handguns when he was arrested the morning after coworkers contacted police. The handguns, Floyd told detectives, were "Pebbles and Bam-Bam," not the long guns. He reportedly had a concealed carry license which has since been suspended.

    A Michigan man posted this picture on Facebook in an attempt to intimidate coworkers.
    A Michigan man posted this picture on Facebook in an attempt to intimidate coworkers.

    By the time police looked at Floyd's Facebook profile, the photo was still there, but the attached message had since vanished. Floyd admitted to writing the threatening post, although he denied writing that anyone would be dead or that he would kill anyone.

    Floyd ultimately was fired from his job – something he is contesting in a lawsuit.

    At CSTS – which provides assistance to adults and children with mental illness and developmental disabilities – Floyd's coworkers were talking badly about him, he told police.

    Still, he said he "wouldn't do anything to anyone because he's not a violent person," the report says. He just "put it out there" that people need to quit talking about him.

    Police asked Floyd why he posted the message then deleted it.

    "He said he was frustrated when he put it up on Saturday and then he decided to take it down on Sunday because whoever it is, is not worth his time. He said the reason he put it up was to scare whoever was talking about him and make them stop."

    The county prosecutor's office denied authorizing charges in the case, saying because the Facebook post was deleted, there was insufficient evidence Floyd had the guns there that day with unlawful intent.

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