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    Pope Francis listens to applause before addressing a joint meeting of Congress on Capitol Hill.

    WATCH: CNN Broadcasts Woman’s Plot to Throw Her Shoe at the Pope’s Head

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    While his visit to the United States was largely met with praise and humility, there were some rankled by the pontiff’s relatively progressive view. Congressional Republicans, obviously, but also one mysterious woman, who was so incensed she was prepared to toss her Doc Martens right at Pope Francis’ head.

    Say what you will about CNN, but they’re really making a name for themselves in covering international incidents involving flying footwear. When Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi tossed his kicks at then-President George W. Bush in 2008, CNN was there. When a similar incident occurred with former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2013, CNN was there.

    The network has even offered in-depth analysis on the phenomenon.

    "Throwing a shoe or hitting someone with a shoe or showing the bottom of your shoe when sitting with legs up on a chair and facing another person all are culturally unacceptable…" Professor Faegheh Shirazi, with the University of Texas, told CNN.

    On Thursday, the network stumbled across another scoop.

    While awaiting Pope Francis’ address to Congress, a film crew captured audio of an unknown female thoroughly disillusioned by the pontiff.

    "Let’s listen in as we get ready for history to unfold," Wolf Blitzer says.

    In the silence that follows, a voice emerges.

    "I’m about to get my shoe off and throw it at his head."

    It’s impossible to say what had Miss Scholls so riled, but thankfully she took her foot out of her mouth and kept it firmly on the ground.

    International incident averted, CNN. Plus, the Swiss Guard seems to have successfully kept Don Lemon at arm’s length.


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