08:43 GMT04 December 2020
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    The Ku Klux Klan is using candy as part of its recruiting efforts in an Alabama county, placing bags filled with sweets and fliers with messages like "Help Save Our Race" on personal property in the community.

    Beginning on Sunday, residents in Culver County, Alabama, reported finding the candy-filled bags along with fliers that say "Our Race Is Our Nation" and "Save Our Land … Join The Klan,"according to local media reports.

    The fliers advertise a KKK website and recruitment hotline with a North Carolina area code.

    According to WTVM, the number connects to "a recording in which black Americans are referred to in derogatory terms. The message also says, 'America is becoming a jungle just like Africa. This has been a message of the Royal White Knights of the KKK.'"

    Sheriff Matt Gentry said that the packages were found on driveways and porches, while another was left inside someone's car.

    "I'm a supporter of our First Amendment," Gentry said. "I believe in freedom of speech, but there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. If you want to stand out on the street corner and pass out any literature, hey, that's your First Amendment right. 

    "But you do not go [onto] people's private property and pass out literature. You do not throw literature in people's yards, and you do not go into people's vehicles and put literature in their vehicles. That's violating the law."

    The sheriff said he does not believe someone local is handing out the bags.

    The KKK is passing out bags filled with sweets and pro-Klan fliers in an Alabama county.
    Cullman County Sheriff’s Department
    The KKK is passing out bags filled with sweets and pro-Klan fliers in an Alabama county.

    Investigators are trying to pull fingerprints from fliers, while the candy will be tested for any harmful substances.

    The KKK has employed this recruiting tactic for years in states throughout the country, from Florida to Illinois, South Carolina to Texas.

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