07:00 GMT24 January 2021
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    NATO gets inventive every time it needs to justify military operations abroad and shore up support from reluctant allies, Klaus Hartmann, the chairman at World Union of Freethinkers, told SNA Radio on Tuesday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Hartmann, whose union has sent an open letter to the German parliament to inquire whether they would back Germany’s exit from NATO and the expulsion of US forces from its soil, said the alliance would continue pedaling its belligerent agenda under various pretexts even if its members opted out.

    He cited the "coalition of the willing," a term coined by George W. Bush to describe a group of allied countries that supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq. "It should have been called a ‘coalition of the power hungry,’" Hartmann said.

    "The US will explore every possibility to pursue aggressive NATO policy even if some allies drop out. But there is no doubt that the US base in Germany is indispensable for the current military operations," Hartmann stressed.

    This has been proven by top-secret US intelligence documents that had been unveiled by Der Spiegel earlier this year. They showed that the US Air Force base in Ramstein was the key element in President Barack Obama's controversial war on terror, which was using drones for airstrikes in the Middle East and Africa.

    The World Union of Freethinkers’ appeal to Bundestag to remove US forces from Germany has meanwhile been backed by 50 organizations. It was submitted in the light of the strained relations between NATO and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.


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