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    ‘Black Lives Matter for Target Practice’ Sign Appears on Veteran’s House

    ‘Black Lives Matter for Target Practice’ Spray-Painted on Veteran’s Home

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    A serial vandal with a racist streak is making the rounds in Florida, and the latest victim is a 51-year-old Iraq war veteran who had “Dumb n****r, black lives matter for target practice,” spray-painted on the side of his home.

    Marilyn and Wayne Scott, a mixed-race couple, were out of town visiting relatives when their home in Pinellas Park, Florida, was hit with the racist graffiti.

    “My brother who lives in Florida has been away visiting our mother,” Sophfronia Scott, Walter’s sister, wrote in a Facebook post which included the photo. “This is what happened to his house while he was gone. My brother is a veteran who lives with pain daily because of the severe injuries he sustained in service to our country.”  

    “I'm stunned and saddened he now has to suffer another kind of pain on top of that,” she added.

    Hateful vandalism has been popping up all over the area, with a home in Palm Bay having the word “n****r” burned onto their lawn in three foot letters with weed killer, “KKK” being scrawled on cars, and "impeach Obama stupid n****r” spray-painted on the door of a 60-year-old’s SUV.

    This latest incident took place at a home located right next to another couple that was previously targeted by racist vandals.

    In May, “KKK” was spray painted across Jamal Clark’s vehicle.  He and his wife live next door to the Scotts.  

    In June, the vandals returned and spray painted a black line across Clark’s wife’s vehicle.

    "We’re the only two mixed families that are on this block," Clark told Bay News 9. "So, someone’s doing it on purpose."

    On Tuesday, the city sent a work crew to clean up the vandalism on the Scotts’ home, although Scott initially wanted to keep it up for a little while to let the community see what is going on.

    “So far, we’ve been able to identify a total of seven different incidents in that particular neighborhood,"  Sergeant Mike Lynch told Bay News. "They range from things like ‘clean up your yard’ to the racial epithets."

    He also noted that it is not just black families that are being hit with the hateful messages: the person who had "impeach Obama stupid n****r,” spray painted on their SUV was a 60-year-old white homeowner.

    So far, the police have no leads on who is behind the disturbing messages, and anyone with information has been asked to call the Pinellas Park Police Department.


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