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    Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. speaks at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, Friday, June 19, 2015, in Las Vegas

    Sanders: Republican 'Family Values' is Just a Way to Control Women's Bodies

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    On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders spoke in Littleton, New Hampshire- where his popularity has soared past Hillary Clinton, and one of his main topics was republican “family values.”

    The senator from Vermont did not hold back, as he explained that the right’s idea of “family values” is their belief that women aren’t smart enough to be able to make decisions.

    “They just loooove families,” he said snarkily. “But all of you know what they mean by family values. And what they mean by family values is that the women of this country should not have the right to control their own bodies. I disagree.”

    “What they mean by family values is that women are not smart enough to be able to purchase the contraceptives they need,” he continued. “I disagree.”

    He then took aim at the intolerance of the LGBT community among the conservative candidates.

    “And furthermore, what they mean by family values is that our gay brothers and sisters should not be able to get married or enjoy the other benefits of the American legal system. I disagree,” said Sanders to massive cheers from the crowd.

    Next, Sanders went on to talk about the lack of family and medical leave for families, and how that is a far bigger threat to “family values” in the opinion of the left.

    “We believe in strong families, but our view’s just a little bit different than our Republican friends.” Sanders began. “When we talk about family values, what we mean is the United States should end the international embarrassment of being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee family and medical leave to all of our families.”

    Sanders’ opinion seems to be resonating with much of the population, especially in New Hampshire, where Sanders is enjoying 78% favorability compared to Clinton’s 63% rating.

    "The Republicans are the clown car. And if you vote for Hillary, clown car still makes it," Lisa Robinson, who was in attendance at Sanders' Littleton town hall told CBS.


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