17:15 GMT22 January 2021
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    Stirring up more speculation that Joe Biden is gearing up for a presidential run of his own, the vice president invited a darling of the progressive movement Senator Elizabeth Warren to his DC home for lunch on Saturday.

    The left wing all stars reportedly discussed economic policy as well as both the Democratic and Republican primaries during the two-hour long meeting.  According to the New York Times, however, Biden did not directly ask Warren for her support should he run.

    A large portion of the conversation reportedly focused on “what the country is trying to tell us,” with unlikely candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump bringing out massive support at their campaign stops.

    Despite many supporters rallying for Warren to run herself, the democratic senator has not indicated any intention of doing so.  She also has not yet endorsed any of the current candidates.
    When asked about the current presidential contenders on Friday by WBZ in Boston, Warren stated, "I don't think anyone has been anointed."

    Biden already has a team in place putting together a campaign strategy and fundraising plan, should he decide to run for his third presidential bid.  Still Biden has not set anything in stone.  He has stated that he plans to make his final decision within the next month.

    An announcement from Biden could tailspin Clinton’s plans to walk into the nomination, especially as her favorability continues to fall amidst the current email scandal.


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