09:29 GMT28 March 2020
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    A former Virginia police officer collapsed in court on Wednesday after being denied bail on a murder charge stemming from his shooting of an unarmed man with his hands up.

    Adam Torres, 32, is the first Fairfax County police officer that has faced criminal charges after an on-duty shooting.  He had been a police officer since 2006, and was fired on July 31 of this year- despite the incident occurring two years ago.

    The officer was responding to a call of domestic abuse, which ended up involving a 40-minute standoff with John Geer, 46.

    The man was known to have weapons inside his home, but only had one by his feet when he was shot.

    Other officers at the scene have reported that Geer had his hands up the entire time, and at most lowered his hands from above his head to level with his ears, Yahoo! News reported.

    "Mr. Geer made a movement Mr. Torres believed was reaching toward the gun," Torres’ lawyer John Carroll said. Torres "believed he was in danger, and that others were in danger."

    The district attorney in the case has accused the department of stonewalling the investigation and refusing to turn over required documents until an inquiry from Senator Charles Grassley pressured them into handing them over.

    They also argued that he had been obsessing over the possibility of his wife cheating on him and had to be sent home several times in the weeks prior to the shooting.

    "He shot a man with his hands up, and I think that makes him dangerous," Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Morrogh said.

    After the judge denied the former officer bail, he nodded silently and collapsed moments later- hitting a chair before ultimately landing on his back.

    There were reportedly no signs of serious injury, but he was taken to a local hospital as a precaution.


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