06:40 GMT17 April 2021
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    Following the outpouring of disgust that confederate flags still fly, one business owner in Georgia has decided to replace their stars and bars with a Nazi swastika flag, claiming he is trying to start a conversation.

    The business in question is 7 on Second, an “eclectic” art gallery in the town of Macon.

    “I just want people to realize that it’s a flag. Don’t get so much in an uproar about it; it’s good to have a conversation about it; it’s good to address it, but there’s no need to want to kill someone over it,” Anthony Harris, the owner of the business 7 on Second told WGXA.

    For the previous week, the owner had put up a Celtic Cross, which is now most prominently used by white-pride skinheads.

    “This was last week’s flag at SEVEN — The Celtic Cross, which has been co-opted by a skinhead group. No one complained an iota about this one. Two words: Media Propaganda,” Harris wrote on the gallery’s Facebook page.

    To make this “point” of flags only carrying meaning if you let them, Harris seems to only be displaying symbols of white supremacy and racism, and hasn’t made any efforts in his bizarre performance to offend or confront symbols that would offend the skinheads and nazis he appears to be pandering to.

    “You know, we’re starting to think maybe this guy isn’t a postmodernist at all. He might just be an a**hole.” Doktor Zoom wrote in their piece for Wonkette on the subject.


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