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    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders

    Bernie Sanders: Republican Debaters Care About No One But the Super-Rich

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    As Republican presidential contenders prepped for what supporters and critics alike hoped would be a heated prime-time debate Thursday night, Vermont Senator and hopeful for the Democratic ticket Bernie Sanders lamented the event would merely showcase what the conservative candidates have in common: a lack of concern for working Americans.

    Self-proclaimed socialist Sanders sees no point in watching the top Republican contenders argue for two hours on Fox News about things that have nothing to do with the American working class. His advice for the TV audience to make the show more enjoyable? Just imagine you're "one of the wealthiest people in this country and extremely greedy and selfish."

    "You're going to have ten candidates more or less talking about your needs and not the needs of working people," Sanders told SiriusXM's Progress Channel.

    Sanders made it abundantly clear he stands in opposition to the Republican candidates' shared agenda, which for him and his growing crowds of supporters just isn't worth discussing.

    "They want to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires at a time when the rich are getting much richer," he said. "They want to cut or privatize Medicare, cut Medicaid, cut education, cut the environmental protection agency."

    It's not just the issue of money in politics. Sanders, who is one of the Senate's biggest opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline, is just as frustrated that climate change isn't receiving more attention among the GOP hopefuls.

    "There may be one or two there who actually have listened to the scientific community and think that climate change is real. Most of them refuse to accept that, and none of them are prepared to act aggressively to transform our energy system," he said.

    Sanders' standing up against the "billionaire class" has helped garner record-breaking crowds of supporters at campaign stops this summer as he heads into what many believe will be a face-off with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.


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