10:16 GMT25 February 2020
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    Potential jurors summoned to a downtown Dallas courthouse on Wednesday got quite the surprise when former United States President George W. Bush turned up to serve on the jury alongside them.

    Getting summoned for jury duty may be a major headache for many Americans, but for the ones who reported to the George Allen courthouse in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, it was quite the experience. The otherwise long and tedious process turned into a bit of a show when jurors realized former President Bush II was one of the citizens summoned to serve.

    Freddy Ford, spokesman for the former president, said Bush was called up for jury service and appeared at the courtroom at 8:50AM CT, and stayed until noon. Secret Service agents had gathered outside the courthouse before he arrived, and stood outside the judge’s court during the proceedings.

    "They made it seem like it was an anonymous juror that never showed up," Sheri Coleman, who was also present at the courtroom, told the Dallas Morning News. "And then they brought him."

    John Ehambe, one of the potential jurors, was particularly surprised when he realized he was sitting right in front of Bush during the proceedings.

    "I turned around and he was seated right behind me and I said, 'I think I know that guy,'" He told the Dallas Morning News. "Then the judge introduced him and said it was an honor to have the former president of the United States in the court."

    Bush’s presence caused quite some excitement, as others in the courthouse, including bailiffs, clerks, and interns, gathered to meet him. Many later posted pictures of themselves posing next to the former president on Twitter.

    Wearing a plaid shirt and gray trousers, Bush was described as very friendly and social by others present in the courtroom.

    "He was very personable, very friendly, just 'hey, I’m here to serve,'" Sheri Coleman told Dallas News.

    But, as it turned out, and after nearly three hours in the courtroom, the former president would not get to serve.

    According to Judge Eric Moye, of the 14th civil district, Bush was simply not picked as a juror because all the positions had already been filled.

    "He was number 27 of a 35 member panel and we only got through number 23," he explained.

    Though he would not serve as a juror, Bush’s presence in his courtroom was "quite an experience," Moye said, adding that "it would be great if everyone took their jury service the same way [Bush] did."


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