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    One of the most famous and beloved lion in Africa has been brutally killed at the Zimbabween national park by allegedly a Spaniard for $50,000.

    Cecil the Lion's Killer Goes Off the Grid, But Protected by US Police

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    The hunter dentist who became the hunted after Zimbabwe police announced they were searching for him in connection to his role in the killing of the world famous Cecil the lion, is now reportedly receiving police protection.

    Law enforcement in Eden Prairie, MN, told TMZ that even though Walter Palmer has not requested the protection, they will be keeping tabs on him in response to the overwhelming number of public calls for his death.

    The department is so concerned that supervisors themselves will be conducting drive-by checks on his property, despite the fact that the previously convicted poacher has gone into hiding.

    Probably wise, as even the governor of his state has condemned his actions.

    "I'm just so disgusted with that man," Governor Mark Dayton told CNN. "Shoot any lion but lure a lion like that out of the preserve and shoot him, how could anybody think that's sport? Just appalling."

    The dentist admits that he paid $50,000 to travel to Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and used a dead animal as bait to lure the lion out of the protected area. He then proceeded to shoot the majestic creature with a bow and arrow, track it for the next 40 hours, and eventually shoot him with a gun before skinning and beheading him.

    Two of the men who assisted him on his poaching trip were arrested, and have subsequently made bail.

    An ambassador for the United Nations also weighed in on the poaching.

    "I think like most people in the world, we are outraged at what happened to this poor lion," Harald Braun, Germany's ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters on Thursday.

    Meanwhile, Palmer has not turned himself in to the authorities who are seeking him and has gone entirely off the grid.  He has shut down his business and deleted all forms of social media.  His dental practice currently has a one star rating on Yelp after swarms of angry commenters took to the platform to express their outrage.

    "At this point in time, however, multiple efforts to contact Dr. Walter Palmer have been unsuccessful. We ask that Dr. Palmer or his representative contact us immediately," Edward Grace, the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s deputy chief of law enforcement, told CNN.


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