16:44 GMT05 March 2021
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    Dashcam footage released on Tuesday of the arrest of activist Sandra Bland who died in police custody last week shows Bland did not assault the officer, which she was charged with. The footage also shows that he threatened the 28-year-old with a taser despite her posing no threat to the officer.

    The woman was found dead in her jail cell three days later, after allegedly hanging herself with a trash bag.

    During the confrontation, Officer Brian Encinia grows angry when Bland declines to put her cigarette out.  She states that she does not have to as she is in her car.  The officer then opens her door and threatens to “yank her out.”

    Bland insists Encinia doesn’t have a reason to arrest her during a stop for a failure to signal.

    “Get out of the car now or I will light you up!” Encinia screams while pulling out a weapon after threatening to drag her from her vehicle.

    She begins to record the altercation and he screams at her to put her phone down.  He refuses to tell her why she is being arrested and takes her out of the view of the dashcam.  

    The confrontation begins around 8:35.  Around 13 minutes Encinia’s assault of Bland can be heard.

    “I’ve got epilepsy, motherf*cker,” Bland cries following the officer allegedly slamming her head into the ground.

    “Good.” Encinia responds.

    The officer is also heard yelling at a witness — presumably the person who was filming the encounter — to leave. 

    “She didn’t kick me too hard, she did kick me though,” Encinia tells another officer around 17 minutes into the video.


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