14:27 GMT06 May 2021
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    Frontrunner among Republican Party presidential candidates Donald Trump has genuinely surprised his electorate, as the marketing team that runs his social media account posted on Twitter a collage depicting an American flag, White House and dollar bills alongside with marching Nazi soldiers.

    The montage of the US flag merged with Trump's face, banknotes and armed soldiers marching under the White House appeared on the mogul's Twitter account.  But the illustrated soldiers apparently looked like Waffen SS fighters, Trump's followers noted.

    "These guys are dressed as late (1944-45) WW2 Waffen-SS infantry. Nothing to debate here. Way to go, Trump!" John Schindler, a former national security affairs professor at the US Naval War College, tweeted on his microblog.

    A screenshot of a twitter message
    © Photo : Twitter
    A screenshot of a twitter message

    The Internet users claimed that the depicted troops are not only wearing the dot camouflage print associated with Nazis, but also have insignia on their sleeves resembling of the SS eagle. Critics lampooned Trump for inability to differentiate heroes and Nazis, who were responsible for murder of millions of people during World War II.

    A screenshot of a twitter message
    © Photo : Twitter
    A screenshot of a twitter message

    The campaign team has immediately deleted the tweet as soon as they saw people's reaction.  But according to the Guardian, the Trump's team hasn't made any mistake — they used an image of re-enactors, not actual SS soldiers, which is available for free downloading on the Internet. Nonetheless, Trump's spokesperson blamed an inexperienced intern for this tweet. 

    "A young intern created and posted the image and did not see the very faded figures within the flag of the stock photo," she told AFP in a statement.

    This is not the first controversy sparked by Trump recently — earlier this month he branded the Latino community as rapists.

    Still it seems that scandals help Trump to top fellow presidential candidates from Republican Party. According to freshly released poll, he is in the lead with 17 percent, ahead of Jeb Bush by three percent.


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