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    US Seeks to Secure Property Rights for the Moon – German Newspaper

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    Stephan Hobe from the Institute of Air and Space Law at Cologne University warns of a new interstate competition, in space. The epicenter of the conflict will be the Moon and its resources, the expert claims.

    The US seeks to secure property rights in space and, particularly in the Moon, despite the fact that it is not possible according to international law provisions, German expert Prof. Stephan Hobe said, cited by DWN.

    It is important to make new legal decisions and provide clarity in this field, the expert claimed.

    "The International Space Treaty prohibits states the appropriation of celestial bodies," Hobe told dpa.  However, there are some “gray areas” which should be revised and clarified.

    The expert warned that the US wants to come closer to the issue of property rights for the commercial exploitation of space resources and called on states to be cautious.

    "We need to think well whether we really want to have mining rights for the moon in the distant future or a kind of a mining authority for Mars. The better option would be a state of a nature reserve," the professor claimed.

    A few days ago, China and Russia announced their intention to enhance cooperation in the space field and conduct a joint lunar mission. The US negatively reacted to the news, assuming that China’s and Russia’s activities are allegedly aimed at the developing of an anti-satellite weapon.


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