22:50 GMT23 November 2020
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    Activists in Seattle boarded kayaks to protest a Shell oil rig they say would bring about ecological disaster. Dozens are now making their way out to the rig to demonstrate against the dangers they say the rig poses to the environment.

    The 400ft long, 355-foot tall Royal Dutch Shell oil rig is currently exploring for oil in the Arctic to the dismay of the city’s liberal locals.

    “We here in Seattle do not want Shell in our port,” said Annette Klapstein, a 62-year-old retired attorney and member of activist group the Raging Grannies. “We want them to get out and change their business before they change our planet and destroy the life of future generations.”

    Following several security mishaps which forced shell to cease Arctic operations in 2012, the Obama administration recently has given the company a green light to continue.

    Environmentalists did not like the move. According to a 2014 U.S. government study, chances of an oil spill occurring as a result of drilling in the Arctic in the next 77 years are as high 75 percent.

    In protest, more than 50 “Kayactavists,” as they call themselves, have been paddling toward the rig today. Greenpeace has already enrolled 500 people to take part in the activity.

    John Sellers, a 48-year-old professional organizer, has raised tens of thousands of dollars from crowd funding source Indiegogo and other efforts to transform an industrial barge into what he describes as a “solar and wind powered people’s platform.”

    The barge will be screening movies via a projector on Saturday and will remain open until Shell leaves the port, Sellers said.

    “Shell oil is the energy of the past and we are the clean energy of the future,” Sellers said.



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