23:58 GMT09 May 2021
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    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore (63)
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    Despite the enforcement of the 10 pm curfew, hundreds remained outside amidst a heavy police presence.

    On Monday night, nearly 235 individuals were arrested and at least 20 officers were injured as protests honoring the memory of Freddie Gray turned violent. Police vehicles were lit on fire, several businesses were looted, and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency.

    As the curfew approached, a line of police officers flanked by armored vehicles encouraged crowds to disperse quietly. These pleas were echoed by local organizers.

    500 soldiers of the Maryland National Guard were deployed on Tuesday morning in preparation of potential conflict. Over the course of the day, that number climbed to nearly 2,000 soldiers. Over 1,000 police officers, from Maryland as well as neighboring states, were also prepared.

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    • 04:18

      Police presence remains heavy despite the fact that most have heeded the curfew

    • 04:12

      Reports: 10 arrested for violating mandatory 10:00PM curfew

    • 03:03

      Police and National Guard seem to have the situation largely under control

    • 02:57

      Woman shot in back with rubber bullet

    • 02:56

      MRAP vehicle arrives to enforce curfew

    • 02:55

      Sputnik correspondent Cassandra Fairbanks on the scene

    • 02:46

      Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle rolls into Baltimore

    • 02:44

      Police barricade

    • 02:43

      Sputnik correspondent Cassandra Fairbanks tear gassed in Baltimore

    • 02:42

      Baltimore intersection

    • 02:42

      Small fire reported

    • 02:41

      Police line advances

    • 02:40

      National Guard armored vehicles deployed to enforce curfew

    • 02:40

      Sputnik correspondent: excessive gas being used

    • 02:39

      Rubber bullets and gas deployed by police

    • 02:37

      Baltimore police announce a fire near a city library

    • 02:36

      Baltimore police: individuals on the street now in violation of curfew

    • 02:35

      Gas rises in Baltimore

    • 02:34

      Protester kicks smoke canister back toward police

    • 02:34

      Baltimore police now using pepper balls

    • 02:31

      Police reportedly firing pepper pellets at crowd

    • 02:31

      Smoke spreads as protests continue

    • 02:30

      Sputnik correspondent reports gas and rubber bullets being used by police

    • 02:29

      Police lines advance

    • 02:28

      Police firing gas canisters

    • 02:27

      Some protesters reportedly throwing smoke canisters back at police

    • 02:25

      Police deploy what appears to be tear gas

    • 02:23

      Police move in

    • 02:22

      Sputnik correspondent on the scene: people throwing objects at police

    • 02:19

      Protesters prepare

    • 02:18

      Some are throwing bottles as organizers tell them to stop

    • 02:17

      Baltimore police announce curfew now extends to the media

    • 02:15

      Police tell residents to clear the streets

    • 02:14

      Crowd awaits police response

    • 02:13

      Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera chewed out by angry protester

    • 02:13

      Representative Elijah Cummings also begs crowd to leave the streets

    • 02:11

      Police begging crowds to return to their homes

    • 02:09

      Tension mounts as the curfew begins

    • 02:05

      Four minutes before curfew went into effect

    • 02:04

      Crowds remain on the intersection of Penn and North Ave.

    Police & National Guard Enforce Citywide Curfew in Baltimore
    Freddie Gray's Death Triggers Mass Protests in Baltimore (63)
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