09:24 GMT20 October 2020
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    A former Chicago “black site” detainee said that the Chicago Police Department was threatening to take his kids if he wouldn’t sign the story they made up.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The Chicago Police Department (CPD) will resort to threaten taking a suspect’s children if he or she does not sign confessions that the police wants to have, former Chicago “black site” detainee Saul Ayala told Sputnik.

    “They threatened to take my kids if I wouldn’t sign the story they made up,” Ayala said on Monday.

    The incident took place in 2005, Ayala explained, as CPD officers pulled him out of a car and brought him to the interrogation “black site” at Chicago’s Homan Square, where he was denied access to a lawyer or to his family.

    “They kept me in a small room with no windows and no clock,” Ayala said. “I have no phone, nothing to do, but just sit there.”

    Ayala noted that on the second day of the interrogation, the CPD administered a lie detector test and released him.

    However, the police come to his house couple of months later, he said, “walked inside, pushed my front door open, came in, and put handcuffs on me.”

    Ayala explained it was during the second visit to the “black site” that the CPD threatened to take his children if he would not sign onto the story they had prepared.

    “They played good cop, bad cop with me,” Ayala stated. “I again asked for a lawyer, but they declined. But, this time, my family got a lawyer for me.”

    The signed confession implicated former Chicago “black site” detainee Ricardo Pabon in a capital murder crime that Pabon claims he did not commit.

    Former Chicago “black site” detainee Tenoch Acamapic told Sputnik earlier the CPD treated him in a similar manner at Homan Square, while whistleblower Brian Church told Sputnik he had been handcuffed to a bench for 17 hours straight while only being allowed to use the bathroom and eat food twice.

    The CPD said in a statement they abide by all rules, laws and regulations pertaining to lawful interrogations.


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