23:36 GMT06 March 2021
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    Yet again, Jen Psaki was quick to judge things without giving them too much thought. The spokesperson for the US Department of State was quick to criticize a new documentary about Crimea, without actually seeing the film.

    Jen Psaki, the spokesperson for the US Department of State, had another cringeworthy moment, stating that the documentary about Crimea was badly made; the peculiar thing is that Psaki did not even see the film, but somehow sensed it was a “deceitful Russian propaganda” right away.

    “We have certainly seen the reports of the content of the documentary. I have not seen more than the reports at this point in time. Certainly, what we’ve seen is consistent with the deceitful approach we’ve seen when denying Russia’s involvement in eastern Ukraine,” Psaki said.

    When a journalist asked Psaki to explain what she was specifically talking about when she said that the movie was consistent with Russia’s “deceitful approach” in eastern Ukraine, she answered that she had not actually seen the movie.

    “I don’t have any confirmation of it. I haven’t seen the context of it. I don’t have more details on it,” Psaki said.

    Yet again, Psaki let her mouth run without giving it too much thought. Crimea is not in eastern Ukraine, nor was it ever part of it. Last time she couldn’t tell who supplies whom with gas in Europe and was not sure if the United States was at war with the Islamic State, despite the fact that US airstrikes had already been going on. In less than a month, Psaki will move from the State Department and become the new White House communications director on April 1. No joke. Brace yourself.


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