17:30 GMT23 November 2020
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    2020 United States presidential election
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    Siri's misinformation on the age - and name - of the US president revived speculation that aged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was just a place-holder for his running-mate Kamala Harris, who failed to win a single delegate in her party's primary race.

    Apple's do-it-all app Siri has been telling iPhone users the president of the USA is Kamala Harris - prompting laughs and conspiracy theories in equal measure.

    A short-lived viral craze swept through social media on Sunday night, as netizens posted videos of the voice-activated virtual assistant telling them Democratic candidate Joe Biden's running-mate was POTUS - despite not yet even being officially confirmed as vice-president elect.

    Biden, who has already claimed the presidency before the count is complete, would be the oldest man to ever assume the presidency. He will turn 78 this month, making him older than Ronald Reagan when he left office in 1989.

    Apple has not commented on the reports about the glitch; however, the issue has fuelled more speculation that Biden will only be keeping the Oval Office chair warm for Harris, 56, who dropped out of the Democratic primary race after winning zero delegates.

    Social media users quickly seized on it as proof of a conspiracy between big tech and the Democrats.

    ​Others just saw the funny side.

    ​Behind-the-scenes techies quickly fixed whatever was causing the misinformation. One Twitter user explained it in technobabble - apparently you need to buy the latest iPhone if you want to know who the real president is. But another took the fix as more evidence of a conspiracy.



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