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    2020 United States presidential election
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    Earlier, despite national polling suggesting Donald Trump was trailing his Democrat opponent Joe Biden in the lead up to the US election, British media personality Piers Morgan back-tracked on his prediction that the Republican President may lose the White House this month.

    Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has savaged the perceived 'lacklustre' campaign for presidency by the Democrat party's White House hopeful, Joe Biden.

    As President Donald Trump defied polls that predicted a thrashing from his opponent and retained a hold on states he won in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton, Morgan claimed the former vice-president's campaign had fallen flat.

    The brash television host contrast Biden's campaigning with Trump’s last-minute sprint that had taken him across crucial battle states.

    “In the past 10 days, who have we really noticed? We've barely seen Joe Biden, he's barely done any interviews, his rallies have been very small, he's been abiding by all the coronavirus rules,” said the Good Morning Britain host.
    Piers Morgan
    Piers Morgan

    As initial tallies from the election vote count came in, showing that presidential contenders Donald Trump and Joe Biden were going neck and neck in the 2020 race, the media personality said:

    “Trump has ignored all those rules, he's had these gigantic rallies, rendering him almost hoarse yesterday morning during his final interview on Fox… If Trump wins this, there are serious questions for Joe Biden and the Democrats. Why did he hide away? Why was he not on the front foot much earlier in this campaign?”
    U.S. President Donald Trump applauds next to first lady Melania Trump his campaign rally outside Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida, U.S., October 29, 2020
    © REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst
    U.S. President Donald Trump applauds next to first lady Melania Trump his campaign rally outside Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida, U.S., October 29, 2020

    The English broadcaster, journalist, and writer added that national polling had suggested a landslide was looming for Biden.

    “This was going to be a repudiation of the monster, but it seems Frankenstein has lost control of the monster,” said Morgan.

    Morgan tore into the Democrats’ strategy of the past two elections when they opted for candidates whose principal “selling point” was “I'm not Donald Trump, he's evil”, exclaiming:

    “If that loses again, don't the Democrats need to rethink their strategy and choose a candidate who, rather like Barack Obama in 2008, at leas has a message to America which is not 'I'm not my opponent'.”

    Earlier, amid a plethora of polls that predicted the incumbent Trump was trailing the former vice-president in the run-up to the US election on 3 November, Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail that Trump sincerely believed he could defy polling, similar to his surprise upset against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    Morgan claimed that a phone conversation with the President – reportedly his first since Trump unfollowed him on Twitter in April after the television host slammed his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the US – had changed his mind regarding election forecasts.

    According to Morgan, their 25-minute exchange offered insight into the mindset of “the world’s most powerful man” ahead of Election Day.

    Morgan claimed that after the conversation it was clear Trump genuinely believed he was going to get re-elected.

    “This is not a belief supported by any polls right now, but then, as he pointed out, 'the polls were all wrong last time',” said Morgan.



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