01:03 GMT16 January 2021
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    US election 2020
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    The legal team representing US President Donald Trump has been challenging election results since early November, alleging massive voter fraud and filing lawsuits in several battleground states over what they describe as "illegal votes".

    Wisconsin's Supreme Court on Thursday turned away an election lawsuit filed by the legal team of Donald Trump that sought to cancel certification of the state election results, a court document reveals. 

    "IT IS ORDERED that the petition for leave to commence an original action is denied", the court document said, noting further that the motion to intervene was denied as moot. "One or more appeals from the determination(s) of one or more boards of canvassers or from the determination of the chairperson of the Wisconsin Elections Commission may be filed by an aggrieved candidate in circuit court".

    Several judges on the Wisconsin Supreme Court outlined that the case is better suitable for one of the state's lower courts, with one judge noting that sometimes petitions are denied "even when it appears that a law has been violated".

    "I also am concerned that the public will misunderstand what our denial of the petition means. Occasionally, members of the public seem to believe that a denial of our acceptance of a case signals that the petition's allegations are either false or not serious. Nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, sometimes, we deny petitions even when it appears that a law has been violated", said Judge Patience D. Roggensack.

    The president's team filed the lawsuit on Tuesday, requesting that the state's Supreme Court discard some 200,000 votes that Trump believes were cast illegally.

    According to election results certified by the Wisconsin authorities, Trump lost the state to Biden by some 20,000 votes.

    In an attempt to challenge the election outcome in Wisconsin and several other battleground states, the Trump campaign has filed multiple lawsuits, demanding to toss out "illegal" mail-in ballots or conduct a recount. Earlier on Wednesday, the Republican president delivered an extensive video statement, described as evidence of the presidential election being rigged by the Democratic party.

    He asserted that large numbers of mail ballots were dumped illegally to put Biden in the lead, and that the fraud was conducted particularly due to Dominion voting software manipulation.

    Despite his continued efforts to prove allegations of election fraud, Trump has agreed to the launch of the formal transition of power to Biden, who is projected to be the winner of the 2020 presidential race. The official results, however, will be known after 14 December, after the Electoral College casts its vote.


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