18:44 GMT01 December 2020
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    US election 2020
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    In addition to drawing attention to President Trump's policies and the statements he's made, the show also poked fun at his looks.

    Mere days before the presidential election in the United States, which kicked off on 3 November, popular American animated sitcom The Simpsons proceeded to highlight the more unsavoury deeds of one of the candidates, US President Donald Trump, that took place during his presidency.

    During one of the show's annual Treehouse of Horror episode, which aired last weekend and which Los Angeles Times describes as showing "the fiery dystopia we could cause if we don’t vote", the series' protagonist ends up in the polling booth but feels uncertain about what presidential candidate to vote for and, at his daughter Lisa's urging, proceeds to recall "everything that's happened the last four years".

    ​A list of things that Trump apparently had done in the aforementioned time period starts scrolling on screen, including things such as "put children in cages", "looks lousy in a tennis outfit", "called Third World countries ****holes" and "asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens", among others.

    The scene in question was teased on Twitter earlier in October, and elicited a largely amused reaction from the social media audience back then.

    Some, however, argued that listing certain actions of the other candidate "would have taken far longer to scroll through".

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