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    US election 2020
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    Harris not faced accusations of promoting a Marxist agenda, although her partner on the ticket, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, was criticized by his Republican opponent for his plan to increase the tax burden on top-earning Americans.

    As voting day approaches, Joe Biden's pick for vice president, California Senator Kamala Harris, decided to devote one of her last election ads on Twitter demonstrating her understanding of the difference between equality and equity. For that purpose, she chose a minimalistic cartoon,  featuring a white person and a black person climbing the same mountain but with their starting positions drastically different.

    In the cartoon, Harris promises that her ticket will not only give the underprivileged equal footing with the rest of the population, but also will get them "to the same place" as everyone else.

    Hearing the promise, many Twitterians could not help but suggest a resemblance to the ideas of Karl Marx, and to the communist promise of equal outcomes for everyone also codified in the US Declaration of Independence.

    Some noted that despite the "cute" cartoon, it does not represent negative implications purportedly preached by Harris.

    Several netizens wondered why Biden's vice presidential pick published the video mere days ahead of the election, suggesting that it could be her agenda should the Democratic ticket win.


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