08:39 GMT28 July 2021
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    Members of the judicial, public health and other sectors of the UK would determine the dangers of marijuana use as well as support services and the effects of laws in the current system, British media reported this week.

    London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced he will launch a commission to determine whether cannabis should be legalised in London, the Guardian reported on Monday.

    The panel of independent experts will be tasked with researching "fresh ideas" if Mr Khan wins the 6 May elections.

    The London Drugs Commission would report to the Mayor with recommendations on public policy for numerous sectors of the UK government, the report added.

    According to the Guardian, a source familiar with the matter said Khan would consider backing changes to British legislation based on findings from the Commission.

    "It's time for fresh ideas about how to reduce the harms drugs and drug-related crimes cause to individuals, families and communities. The illegal drugs trade causes huge damage to our society - driving serious and violent crime, damaging people's health and criminalising too many young people," Khan said in a statement.

    The commission would make recommendations on the "most effective laws to tackle crime, protect Londoners' health and reduce the huge damage that illegal drugs, including cannabis, cause to our communities and society," he added.

    But according to reports, marijuana decriminalisation was not supported by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

    "When I was Director of Public Prosecutions, [my team] prosecuted many, many cases involving gangs and the criminality that sits behind, and it causes huge issues for vulnerable people across the country. I've never gone down that route," he told Sky news in an interview in February.



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