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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the spotlight worldwide since giving a tell-all interview to Oprah Winfrey that sparked intense emotional reactions across the globe. During the sit-down, they talked openly about their experiences as royals and what led them to leave the United Kingdom for North America.

    The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex Harry and Meghan Markle may become "more irrelevant" as the son of Prince William, Harry's elder brother, Prince George and his siblings grow up, a royal expert said.

    Andrew Morton, a royal biographer, pointed out that Harry was not a key royal since he was sixth in line to the throne, and predicted that the spotlight would begin to shift away from him and his wife.

    "Harry and Meghan were ancillary branches of the Royal Family, they were not central branches of the Royal Family. So they were going on the same trajectory as Princess Margaret", he explained in an episode of the podcast "Royally Obsessed", released on Thursday.

    Morton drew on the example of the Queen's sister, Princess Margaret, who was considered the main beauty of the Royal Family and was the centre of press attention and of those who follow the British Royal Family's life.

    "Princess Margaret, when she was 18 or 19 she was the most glamorous woman, she was matched with Elizabeth Taylor, in all furs and jewels and looking fabulous, but she was Number Two", Morton argued. "Same with Meghan and Harry – Number Two".

    "Meghan can look as pretty as all hell but she's still the one who will have to curtsey to Kate Middleton", Morton said.
    Princess Margaret, holding a long cigarette holder, sits with an unidentified escort, at the “Monseigneur” night club in Paris, France on Nov. 23, 1951.
    © AP Photo
    Princess Margaret, holding a long cigarette holder, sits with an unidentified escort, at the “Monseigneur” night club in Paris, France on Nov. 23, 1951.

    "And I'm sure they didn't properly appreciate that but it does mean, as the years tick by, Meghan and Harry will become more and more irrelevant as George, Louis, and Charlotte grow and become the chew toys of the tabloids", he added.

    Morton also commented on the feeling of isolation Markle shared during her 7 March interview with Oprah, which sparked comparisons to Princess Diana's feelings of loneliness. Morton, however, expressed doubt about whether Markle was indeed as isolated as she made it seem based on her words.

    "Friends of mine said they've seen Meghan walking from Whole Foods supermarket on Kensington High Street with bags of foods back to Kensington Palace. It didn't seem too much like a prison. Other friends have seen her out and about with friends at restaurants, so she seems, to me, to have led a normal life".

    The Sussexes made a variety of sensational statements during their two-hour conversation, but the one that sparked outrage around the world and made the front pages of every media outlet was about racism in the Royal Family. Meghan Markle claimed that a family member was worried about their firstborn child's possible skin colour.

    The couple declined to disclose the royal's identity, claiming it would be "very damaging to them". They later assured Winfrey off-air that it was not the Queen or her husband Prince Philip who had approached them in that manner. Later, British socialite Lady Colin Campbell alleged that it was the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne, who inquired about the child's skin colour. 

    Given Markle's alleged political ambitions, some believe the purpose of the scandalous interview was to help the ex-senior royals build their own independent brand, a basis for future endeavours, as they were stripped of the royal family's financial support.


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