03:58 GMT14 April 2021
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    Begum was reported to have planned a return to Britain before her citizenship was revoked in 2019. Following the death of her three child, she remains in the Roj refugee camp in Syria's Al-Hasakeh Governorate.

    On Friday, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Shamima Begum cannot return to the UK to appeal the revocation of her UK citizenship.

    Scores of people had their say on Twitter when Begum was banned from returning to Britain in 2019 after she travelled to Syria at the age of 15 with two teenage friends and married a Daesh* fighter. 

    The three children she gave birth to in Syria reportedly died. In 2019, Britain's then Home Secretary Sajid Javid revoked her citizenship on national security grounds. Last year, the UK Court of Appeal ruled that Begum should be allowed to return to the UK, but the Home Office subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court.

    According to Judge Reed, the right to a fair hearing did not in this case trump all other considerations, such as the safety of the public.

    *Daesh, also known as ISIS/IS/Islamic State, is banned in Russia and many other countries as a terrorist organisation.

    Shamima Begum
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