14:32 GMT05 March 2021
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    If sent to the United States, the journalist faces a potential 175-year prison sentence on 17 espionage charges and one count of computer misuse, after WikiLeaks released a trove of classified US military documents ten years ago.

    Sputnik is live outside London's Central Criminal Court as UK District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled against the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States. Assange's extradition trial ended at London's Old Bailey court on 1 October after his defence team spent four weeks trying to prove that the journalist was being indicted for political reasons.

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      Assange's Mother Calls UK Court's Ruling Against Extradition to US ‘Best News’

      Christine Assange, mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, sniles as she faces the media outside the High Court, London, Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010. Julian Assange will be freed on bail and sent to stay at a British country mansion, a  judge ruled Thursday, rejecting prosecutors' attempts to keep the WikiLeaks founder in prison as he fights extradition to Sweden.

      Assange's Mother Calls UK Court's Ruling Against Extradition to US ‘Best News’

      LONDON (Sputnik) - Julian Assange’s mother Christine said Monday’s decision by a UK court to block her son’s extradition to the United States was "the best news."
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      'First Step Towards Justice': Assange's Fiancee Praises Judge's Ruling

    • 12:15

      Court Adjourns Till Wednesday to Discuss Bail Application

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      Don't Extradite Assange Campaign Activist John Rees Calls Court Verdict 'Incredible Judgement' - Video

    • 11:37

      Situation Outside Old Bailey After Court Rejects Assange's Extradition - Photos

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      British Court Rejects WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange's Extradition to US

      British Judge Rejects WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange's Extradition to US

      Assange has been awaiting a decision on the US extradition request at the UK's Belmarsh prison for over year and a half. Washington is seeking to prosecute the whistleblower on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion related to WikiLeaks' release of Pentagon war logs and State Department cables.
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      Press Throng Old Bailey as Court Set to Announce Assange Extradition Verdict - Photos

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