16:18 GMT15 January 2021
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    The quarantine measures caused by the pandemic prevent people from travelling, but it doesn't appear to be as efficient for extraterrestrials - or at least that's what some people believe.

    The lockdown seems to have had an odd side effect, as there has been a considerable spike in "UFO sighting" reports, an "investigator" claimed, as per The Sun.

    According to retired British policeman Gary Heseltine, who kept a database of 550 UK sightings dating back to 1901, people noticed more strange objects, as they started spending more time in gardens, parks, and the countryside

    "With less air traffic, the likelihood of seeing UFOs has increased... This could be a hugely significant moment in the history of UFOs", he said, stressing that the government is concealing the truth about those phenomena. "It's high time they changed and we had an open attitude to explore the best evidence in the public".
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    The report was published 40 years after the most famous UFO sighting in British history - the Rendlesham Forest incident, when military personnel stationed at the nearby RAF base Woodbridge had reported seeing strange lights for several days.

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