08:43 GMT21 January 2021
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    Last week, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has long preached of the importance of wearing masks amid the pandemic, was photographed at the Stable Bar and Restaurant in Edinburgh without a face covering.

    It seems like the first minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, won't face charges for disobeying her own coronavirus rules by ditching a mask last Friday.

    After Sturgeon, who was photographed without a mask at a public venue, apologised for breaking her own mandate to wear face coverings, Police Scotland said that they were aware of "a photograph of the First Minister... in which she was not wearing a face mask at a wake".

    "The First Minister has acknowledged this inadvertent breach, for which she has apologised. We remind everyone of the requirement to wear face coverings in indoor public places for public health reasons. Police Scotland will not be taking any further action in relation to this matter," the statement read.

    Sturgeon had to issue an apology earlier this week, as she said that she was "kicking myself" very hard after being caught on camera without a face mask while talking to several elderly people at an Edinburgh pub.

    "I want to be clear today that, regardless of the circumstances, I was in the wrong. There are no excuses. These rules do apply to me just as they do to everyone else, and the rules really matter. I am kicking myself very hard, possibly harder than my worst critic ever could. But more importantly, I will be making sure that I do not drop my guard again," she said in a Wednesday statement.

    In the photograph, Sturgeon was seen chatting to three elderly women without a face covering at the Stable Bar and Restaurant in Edinburgh following the wake of a Scottish civil servant. The first minister was keeping a distance from the pensioners and is said to have removed her tartan mask briefly as she was leaving the venue.

    The mandatory use of face coverings in hospitality settings has been in force since September, with violations punishable by a £60 fine, which rises to a maximum of £960 for repeat offenders. Under Scottish government regulations, customers and staff members are required to wear face masks when entering, exiting or moving around the premises of the venue.

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