05:59 GMT20 September 2020
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    The editor of left-wing website The Canary previously claimed Brexit celebrations could turn into a "pogrom against immigrants".

    A Twitstorm has erupted between Canary Editor Kerry-Anne Mendoza and fellow-leftwinger Guardian columnist Owen Jones, who accused her of belittling the Holocaust with her latest comparison of Brexit to Nazism.

    On Wednesday Mendoza mocked Brexiteer PM Boris Johnson, tweeting: “Get Brexit Done. Build, build, build. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Arbeit macht frei.”

    The final line in German, “labour makes you free” was a slogan displayed ion many Nazi concentration camps in a cruel mockery of inmates doomed to be worked to death or murdered en masse.

    Jones, himself a strident critic of Brexit, responded to Mendoza’s tweet on Friday, calling it “despicable” and adding “Anyone who speaks like this has no place in the left whatsoever.”

    ​Mendoza hit back, calling Jones a “craven kiss-ass” and telling him to “Take your privilege and do one.”

    ​Jones later claimed that “lots of Jewish people” had complained to him about Mendoza’s tweet and asked him to “call it out as a left-wing commentator.”

    ​Mendoza hit back by implying Jones had joined “the witch hunt and their enablers” and there was no fault in warning of “rising fascism in modern Britain.”

    ​When conservative author and Henry Jackson Society member Douglas Murray waded into the row, Mendoza accused Jones of “uniting with the worst of humanity.”

    ​And she bemoaned “liberal commentators policing our resistance to fascism.”

    ​Mendoza previously claimed this January’s celebrations for Britain formally leaving the EU would descend into a repeat of Kristallnacht, the infamous 1938 Nazi pogrom where the windows of Jewish-owned shops, buildings and synagogues smashed across the country.

    Many, including Jews lambasted those comments at the time.

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