21:45 GMT07 August 2020
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    Friday is the first full year since Boris Johnson became prime minister, inheriting a hung parliament and a Conservative Party which had suffered as a result of nearly losing the 2017 election and multiple Brexit delays.

    Boris Johnson marked the anniversary of his ascension to the position of UK prime minister on Friday by taking on a challenge to list as many of his government's achievements as possible in a 2,5-minutes video.

    In the video which was shot exactly year after he won the Tory leadership election in 2019, Johnson outlined all his policies introduced including withdrawing the UK from the European Union, increased funding the NHS, cutting tax, supporting cycling and green buses, and giving the green light to the HS2 rail network.

    ​The PM goes over his time by 6 minutes before wrapping up and saying that he could continue for much longer.

    While the stunt received praised online, some were Brits were less than impressed, pointing out the government's record on the coronavirus pandemic.

    ​Others pointed to the UK's dire economic situation as well as the lack of deal defining the future of the UK with the European Union.

    ​This comes on the same day that Johnson admitted in an interview with the BBC that the government could have done better in responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

    He said that there were "lessons to be learned" over how the government did not properly understand the virus and introduce the appropriate measures quickly enough.

    Boris Johnson became prime minister after the resignation of Theresa May last year, who had previously lost her majority in a snap election. Johnson would go on to win a majority of 80 in the December 2019 general election.

    A similar challenge was taken by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last year, who marked her second year in office with a similar 2-minute video outlining her policy achievements. 

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