16:01 GMT15 January 2021
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    Amazon has become the focus of controversy after a number of shoppers unexpectedly stumbled upon a spooky image inside one of its products.

    Customers have issued complaints to Amazon over a bag for sale which seemingly contains "a photo of a child with tape over its mouth".

    Browsers on the retailer's website said they noticed a "disturbing" image on the inside of a Dallas Cowboys sports bag on Tuesday 

    A picture of the product shows the sports bag with a partially opened zip so that customers can view the inner-lining. The interior shows a photo that customers called "horrifying" - a child's face looking out.

    Some said that the child had the appearance of having tape over its mouth.

    ​Laura Harper from Kingston Upon Hull, East Yorkshire posted a complaint on Amazon's Facebook accompanied by screenshots of the bag.

    She had been alerted to the images by other social media users and went to check for herself.

    "I screenshotted and posted them to the Amazon Facebook page, wanting an explanation and within ten minutes, the photo in question had been removed and the product was listed as 'unavailable'", the 30-year old mother told the Daily Mail.
    "I was disgusted. There's a few conspiracy theories but I think it must be a very sick joke".
    "I sent the screenshots to Amazon who assured me it would be investigated, but had no idea how it got on there or why it was on there", she added.

    The product is now listed as "unavailable", with just photos of the bag fully closed left on the site. The sellers are 'The Northwest Company', who sell a selection of sports team-branded items.

    Amazon are yet to comment on the incident.


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