12:05 GMT08 August 2020
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    Black Lives Matter Protests Sweep Across Globe Following Death of George Floyd (125)

    Protests and rioting rocked the US in response to the death of African American George Floyd following his violent arrest in Minneapolis. London, Glasgow and other British cities are currently seeing similar demonstrations as protestors seek to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

    Black Lives Matter events are being held in the British capital, as well as in Edinburgh and in Glasgow, as people protest against racism and police brutality. The protests that hit American cities were often accompanied by looting, arson, and vandalism, as demonstrators toppled monuments and occasionally set them on fire. In some cases, they petitioned local authorities, which then ordered the dismantling of the statues.

    The vandals damaged or destroyed monuments and numerous Confederate statues as well as statues dedicated to Christopher Columbus, Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington.

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    • 16:46

      Anti-Racism Protesters Stage Rally in Glasgow

      Hundreds of people turned up to an anti-racism rally in Glasgow city centre on Saturday, despite warnings to stay at home due to lockdown restrictions.

      Hundreds Attend Anti-Racism Protest in Glasgow Despite 'Stay Away' Warning - Photos, Videos

      Police were granted permission to search any individual or vehicle at the anti-racism rally in Glasgow on Saturday. This follows the violent scenes which occurred in the city centre on Wednesday, in which peaceful campaigners were targeted for protesting to improve the living conditions of asylum seekers.
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    • 16:45

      March Intended for Parliament Square Deviates From Route, Heads to Trafalgar Square Instead

      Protesters deviate from intended destination marching towards Trafalgar Square
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 16:13

      Protests Continue in London as March Heads Down Grosvenor Place

      Protests Continue in London as March Heads Down Grosvenor Place
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Protesters Walking Down Victoria Street to Music Blaring from Speakers
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Protesters holding placards in London
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Police officers at the protest
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 15:18

      Musician Phoenix Says System Can't be Reformed Without Attention Given to the Least Vulnerable

      Musician Phoenix tells crowd that the system can't be reformed without attention to the least vulnerable being given.
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 14:52

      March Towards Parliament Square from Hyde Park Begins in London

      March Towards Parliament Square from Hyde Park Begins in London
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Police have stopped the march at its outset as it appears organisers were negotiating with them
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 13:54

      Leader of BLM Demonstrations in London Demands Meeting with Boris Johnson

      A leader of the BLM protests in London, actress Imarn Ayton, has demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, adding that the demonstrations will not cease until the government meets their demands.

      "Everyone else seems to be in contact with me, except for Boris, so I would like a conversation."

    • 13:05

      Three Young People Silently Hold Signs at London Protest

      Three young people silently hold signs at the London protest
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 12:53

      Black Lives Matter Protesters Hold Demonstration in London

    • 12:47

      Different Groups Come Together to Have Loud and Clear Message - Co-organiser of London Protests Phoenix

      Phoenix, a musician and co-organiser, of a BLM protest in London. 20 June 2020
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 12:44

      We're Trying to Address Institutional Racism in the UK - 'History Machine' Organisation Facilitator Rutare Savage

      Rutare Savage, facilitator with the organisation History Machine
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 12:32

      People Gather for BLM Event in London's Hyde Park

      Members of the Socialist Worker handing out leaflets as part of the protest organised by groups operating under the BLM theme
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Groups of people, thus far in the hundreds, are slowly gathering in Hyde Park waiting for more people  to arrive.
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
      Police presence at the Hyde Park where the BLM protest is taking place
      © Sputnik / Mohamed Elmaazi
    • 12:14

      Protestors Demand Removal of Monument to Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville

      Demonstrators demand the removal of Henry Dundas statue in St Andrew's Square in Edinburgh
      © Sputnik / Jason Dunn
      BLM demonstrators in Edinburgh
      © Sputnik / Jason Dunn
      John Maclean Society turns out to support BLM at Saint Andrew's Square
      © Sputnik / Jason Dunn
    • 11:36

      'Force for Good' Group Gathers in Edinburgh to Defend Melville Monument Amid BLM Protests

      A Force for Good counter-protestors in St Andrew's Square
      © Sputnik / Jason Dunn
      A Force For Good counter-protestors gather at the Melville Monument in St Andrew's Square
      © Sputnik / Jason Dunn
    Black Lives Matter Protests Sweep Across Globe Following Death of George Floyd (125)
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