08:59 GMT18 June 2021
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    The first part of the hearing on the extradition of the WikiLeaks founder to the United States, held this week, is expected to end on Friday, and the second one is scheduled for May.

    The fourth day of hearings in Julian Assange's extradition is being held on Thursday at the Woolwich Crown Court. According to American law, he is facing 175 years of prison over the 2010 leak of classified materials linked to alleged US war crimes during military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The Australian was arrested in April 2019 after spending seven years in asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy. He stressed that another case against him, which caused the arrest was just a pretext to send him to the US.

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    • 15:14

      Judge Rejects Application to Permit Assange to Sit With Lawyers During May Hearings

    • 15:06

      Extraditing Assange is Bullying Masquerading as Justice - Former Correspondent for the Guardian

    • 14:58

      International Observatory of Human Rights Calls on London Not to Extradite Assange to US

    • 14:35

      'You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too' - Editor-in-Chief of WikiLeaks on Arguments of Prosecution

    • 14:20

      'If a 3-Week Hearing Becomes a 6-Week Hearing, So Be It' - Judge

    • 12:55

      Info Passed to Assange's Defence Team to Allow Julian Access to Lawyers

      Former whistleblower Clive Ponting, senior civil servant MOD, who revealed that the UK sank an Argentinian ship as it was sailing away during the Falklands War, has just told Craig Murray:

      "On day one of the trial, the judge allowed him to be released from the dock and sit with his lawyers on the ground that, even though it was a national security case, he was no threat".

      This information is being passed on to the defence team to present to the judge as a precedent for her to permit the same for Assange.

    • 12:41

      Court Adjourns Until 2 pm GMT - Courage Foundation

    • 12:11

      Describing Something Recognised in UN Model Treaty as 'Outdated' is Funny - Defence

    • 12:07

      Assange's Case not Analogous to Political Refugee Cases - Prosecutor

    • 11:49

      Assange's Defence Says Extradition Treaty Does Not Rely on Extradition Act 2003 as Hearing Resumes

    • 11:38

      Court Takes Recess As Assange Defence Team Prepares Response to US Arguments

    • 11:35

      US Gov't Claims it Doesn't Matter if Alleged Offences Are 'Political' in Assange's Case

      Free Julian Assange Basecamp at Belmarsh 26 Feb 2020-min

      Assange Hearing: US Government Claims it Doesn't Matter if Alleged Offences Are 'Political'

      Barry Pollack, Julian Assange's US-based lawyer, branded as "Orwellian" and "frivolous" claims by prosecutors that while the US government can seek the WikiLeaks founder's extradition under the Anglo-US Treaty, the publisher can't rely on any protection contained within the very same treaty.
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    • 11:28

      There is Substantial Evidence Assange Was Subjected to Constant Surveillance - CCBE

    • 11:12

      Political Offence Exception 'Outdated' in 'Modern Society' - Prosecutor

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