11:43 GMT04 August 2020
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    On Friday, the UK finally departed from the EU after 47 years of being part of the bloc and its predecessor organisations, as well as following nearly four years of internal struggles to deliver the divorce.

    Despite having had a tenure described by many as being no less than disastrous, Theresa May, who failed to deliver Brexit in due time as her deal was voted down three times in the House of Commons, has decided to partly attribute yesterday's departure from the bloc to her own deeds. 

    The former UK prime minister turned to Twitter late on Friday to congratulate people on Brexit, saying that "we" have delivered on the results of the 2016 referendum, appearing to suggest that she played an important part in the finalisation of the UK-EU divorce.

    ​People's reactions, however, weren't long in coming and the Twitter post received more than 6,000 responses in 16 hours, with people ridiculing May over her statement.

    ​Theresa May's tenure as UK prime minister came to an end on 24 July 2019 after a tearful resignation brought on by her failed efforts to deliver a viable Brexit deal.

    Boris Johnson, who assumed the prime ministership and the lead of the Conservatives, promised to deliver Brexit on 31 October with or without a formal withdrawal agreement.

    Although the final divorce date was postponed until 31 January 2020, Johnson still managed to accomplish the critical mission of his tenure.

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