• Last update: 02:58 23.09.2014
    02:58 23.09.2014

    More Than 140,000 People Sign Petitions for Recount of Votes in Scottish Referendum

    More than 140,000 people have signed two online-petitions, demanding the recount of votes of the Scottish independence referendum.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 19:35 22.09.2014
    19:35 22.09.2014

    'Squabbling' UK Party Leaders Learn Nothing From Scottish Referendum: Trade Unions

    The leaders of the three main UK political parties have learned nothing from the Scottish independence referendum campaign as they continue to disagree on what additional powers Scots should have, the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) said Monday.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Your Two Cents
    Last update: 17:00 22.09.2014
    17:00 22.09.2014

    In the Wake of the Scottish Referendum

    VR listener: “The question is, will Britain abolish Kingdom and become a Federal state given that the British government led by Prime Minister David Cameron promised the Scottish who supported NO vote that Scotland will be given more autonomous powers”

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 16:58 21.09.2014
    16:58 21.09.2014

    Issue of Scottish Independence to Return If Devolution Promises Ignored: Reports

    Alex Salmond, former Scottish prime minister who quit two days after the victory of the 'No' campaign, has stated that 'No' voters were 'tricked' by Westminster's assurances of more devolution, Sky News reported Sunday.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 00:07 21.09.2014
    00:07 21.09.2014

    Police Arrest 11 in Scotland Following Riots Over Referendum Results: Reports

    Glasgow police have arrested at least 11 people after mass protests over results of Scotland's independence referendum, local STV TV channel reported Saturday.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 13:18 20.09.2014
    13:18 20.09.2014

    Police Struggle to Control Rally by Pro-Union Supporters in Glasgow: Reports

    Police struggled to control a mass pro-union rally celebrating Scotland's "No" vote rejecting independence from the United Kingdom in tensions which began between the pro-independence "Yes" voters and the pro-union supporters who fired a flare in Glasgow Friday, The Independent reported.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 22:47 19.09.2014
    22:47 19.09.2014

    UK, Scotland Give Democracy Lesson to Catalonia: President

    The leader of the Spanish region of Catalonia Artur Mas said Friday that the Scottish referendum on September 18 taught a lesson to other regions of the world in how to resolve their independence claims.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 22:34 19.09.2014
    22:34 19.09.2014

    Queen Calls for Unity Following Scotland’s Independence Referendum

    Queen Elizabeth II called for UK countries to come together and show mutual respect, following the Scottish referendum, where the majority voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 21:47 19.09.2014
    21:47 19.09.2014

    Results of Scottish Referendum Pose Challenge for Policymakers, Society

    With the majority of the people in Scotland voting for the country to remain in the United Kingdom at the September 18 independence referendum, the results of the vote pose certain challenges for both policymakers and society in the UK, academics from the Economic and Social Research Council's (ESRC) Future of the UK and Scotland research teams believe.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 20:51 19.09.2014
    20:51 19.09.2014

    Scottish Referendum to Weaken UK Prime Minister David Cameron

    Despite achieving its main goal, London's campaign against Scotland's independence has undermined the political weight of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Gideon Rachman, Financial Times" political commentator, wrote Friday.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 19:44 19.09.2014
    19:44 19.09.2014

    Unlock Democracy Launches Petition for UK Constitutional Convention

    Unlock Democracy, a British grassroots campaign for democracy, rights and freedoms, launched a petition Friday for a UK Constitutional Convention, following Scotland’s decision to remain part of the United Kingdom.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 19:39 19.09.2014
    19:39 19.09.2014

    UK Leaders Disagree Over "Vow" for More Powers for Scotland

    The Labour leader of the UK official opposition, Ed Miliband, has signaled he will not sign up to Prime Minister David Cameron's plan to give more powers to the devolved Scottish Parliament following a historic vote on Scottish independence.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond
    Last update: 19:34 19.09.2014
    19:34 19.09.2014

    Scottish First Minister And Independence Leader Salmond Resigns

    The leader of the pro-Scottish independence Scottish National Party (SNP), Alex Salmond, is to resign as leader of his party and First Minister of Scotland.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 19:11 19.09.2014
    19:11 19.09.2014

    Absence of Constitutional Changes May Revive Scottish Independence Issue

    Should the British government fail to go ahead with constitutional change now that Scotland will remain part of the UK, the pressure for independence may rise again, Mark Shephard, a senior lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, has told RIA Novosti.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 18:56 19.09.2014
    18:56 19.09.2014

    Europe Respects and Welcomes Scottish Independence Referendum Results

    Europe respects and welcomes the results of Scotland’s independence referendum, praising the Scots’ decision to remain in the UK and avoiding “the serious economic, social, institutional and political consequences,” Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Friday in his official statement.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 18:45 19.09.2014
    18:45 19.09.2014

    US President Welcomes Scottish Independence No Vote

    The US President, Barack Obama, has welcomed the result of the Scottish independence referendum.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 18:10 19.09.2014
    18:10 19.09.2014

    Russian Observers Say Westminter Put Pressure on Scots on Referendum Day

    Russian observers think that Westminster put significant pressure on Scots during the independence referendum on September 18.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 17:06 19.09.2014
    17:06 19.09.2014

    Irish Party Leader: Scottish Vote Leads to Call for Ireland’s Reunification Referendum

    The President of Sinn Féin, an Irish republican political party active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, has called for a referendum in Northern Ireland that, if agreed, could lead to Ireland's reunification.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 16:30 19.09.2014
    16:30 19.09.2014

    Barnett Formula in Scotland’s Public Expenditure

    Following a historic referendum in Scotland, which saw the majority of voters rejecting independence, Scotland's public spending will now be one of the focal points, as it should become clear whether the Barnett formula will continue to apply to the country's public expenditure.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence
  • Last update: 16:11 19.09.2014
    16:11 19.09.2014

    Better Together Campaign Leader: London Ready to Continue Dialogue on Scotland’s Future

    The results of the Scottish referendum demonstrate the unity of the country but London is ready to continue the dialogue on the future of Scotland, Alistair Darling, the leader of the Better Together campaign said Friday.

    Scotland Says ‘No’ to Independence