• A police officer escorts migrants from a train at Hyllie station outside Malmo, Sweden. Picture taken November 19, 2015
    Last update: 02:46 25.05.2017
    02:46 25.05.2017

    Sweden Aims to Amend Migration Laws to Avoid Deportations Over Employers' Errors

    The Swedish government has proposed amendments to its migration laws in order to protect migrants from being deported because of administrative errors made by their employers, local media reported on Wednesday.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Asylum seeker (C, L) takes a selfie picture with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (C, R) following Merkel's visit at a branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and a camp for asylum-seekers in Berlin on September 10, 2015.
    Last update: 14:28 24.05.2017
    14:28 24.05.2017

    'Can Handle This'? Germany's Refugee-Related Spending in 2016 Surpassed $22Bln

    Germany spent about 20 billion euros ($22.4 billion) on refugees in 2016, with 9.3 billion allocated to federal states and communes, local media reported Wednesday, citing a government report at its disposal.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Border police are seen on January 4, 2016 at the Danish-German boarder town Krusaa
    Last update: 10:55 23.05.2017
    10:55 23.05.2017

    Danish Party Pushes for Barbed Wire Against Migrants, Gets Compared to KKK

    The right-wing Danish People's Party has created a commotion in its home country with its proposal to put up a barbed wire fence equipped with motion sensors on Denmark's border with Germany to stop illegal migrants from entering the country.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Horse riding
    Last update: 13:56 18.05.2017
    13:56 18.05.2017

    Swedish Horsewomen Saddled With Refugee Kids to Promote Integration

    Since the onslaught of the migrant crisis, Sweden has been trying all kinds of ways to promote integration, not shying away even from the most ridiculous ones. One Swedish municipality tried pairing unaccompanied refugee children with horse-riding girls in a tax-funded integration project.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • In this photo taken Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016, asylum seekers leave the refugee camp in Hammerfest, to walk to the town's centre, in northern Norway.
    Last update: 13:49 17.05.2017
    13:49 17.05.2017

    Norwegians Favor Immigration Despite Dismal Forecasts

    A majority of Norwegians believe immigration to be positive for the Nordic country, which marks a steep increase in the number of immigration supporters since just last year. This contradicts the experts' take on the problem, who regard immigration as a major challenge.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Migrants in Padborg, Denmark
    Last update: 14:18 16.05.2017
    14:18 16.05.2017

    Denmark Laments Deported Refugees Beaten Up En Route to Home Country

    In recent months, Denmark left no stone unturned in its attempts to tighten its migration laws and expel refused asylum seekers back to their home countries. However, an incident involving police brutality towards deported refugees has once again raised the issue of human rights violations.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Holy Bible
    Last update: 12:15 16.05.2017
    12:15 16.05.2017

    In Good Faith: Swedish 'Christianity Exams' for Refugees Spark Outrage

    Sweden's Migration Board has landed in hot water for its habit of testing religious asylum seekers' knowledge of Christianity by way of quizzes. This practice sent shockwaves through Sweden's mostly secular society and was condemned as "absurd" and "ridiculous."

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • In this photo taken Friday, Sept. 25, 2015, Iraqi asylum seekers stand outside a refugee center located in the former army barracks, Lahti, Finland. Finland
    Last update: 16:39 15.05.2017
    16:39 15.05.2017

    Made in Heaven: Finland Sees Spike in Marriages Between Iraqis, Finns

    The migrant crisis, which has long burdened the welfare systems of European countries, seems to be ultimately having an impact on Europe's demographics as well. Iraqis have now become the most popular foreign marriage partners for Finnish women.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Asylum seekers in refugee centre located in the former military barracks in Hennala in Lahti, Finland (File)
    Last update: 14:04 12.05.2017
    14:04 12.05.2017

    Finland's Mainly Muslim Recent Migrants Sell Sex to Make Ends Meet

    Refugees and illegal immigrants are increasingly engaged in prostitution in Finland. While the exact extent of the shadow market remains to be estimated, this phenomenon is getting increasingly popular, as selling sex has proven to be a real way of earning money.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Students dressed as caged brides to raise awareness to the risks of human trafficking and sexual exploitation
    Last update: 12:13 12.05.2017
    12:13 12.05.2017

    Swedish Police Brace for Forced Marriage 'High Season' Amid Zero Convictions

    With the summer vacation approaching, the "high season" of forced marriages, where young girls are often lured abroad to be married off, is creeping closer, the Swedish police have warned. Despite their efforts, the Swedish authorities seem unable to do anything about it.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Migrants sit in their tents at a makeshift migrant camp on a street near the metro stations of Jaures and Stalingrad in Paris, France, October 28, 2016.
    Last update: 21:03 11.05.2017
    21:03 11.05.2017

    Majority of EU Citizens Consider Bloc's Actions on Migration 'Inadequate'

    According to the latest Eurobarometer poll, 73 percent of Europeans still want the EU to do more to manage the situation.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Police officers walk at the Danish-German border in Krusaa, Denmark
    Last update: 18:02 11.05.2017
    18:02 11.05.2017

    Migrant Crisis: Denmark Prolongs Control Measures on Border With Germany

    Denmark has extended interim control measures on the border with Germany for another six months until November 12, 2017, the Danish Ministry of Immigration said in a statement on Thursday.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Fagereds sanatorium
    Last update: 11:59 11.05.2017
    11:59 11.05.2017

    Refugees Protest Eviction From Swedish Castle-Turned-Asylum

    Asylum seekers lodged within the Swedish castle of Lia Hof outside the town of Falkenberg have asked the Swedish Migration Board to stop its plans to close down its luxury accommodation.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Swedish police prepare to check an incoming train at the Swedish end of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark in Malmo, Sweden
    Last update: 12:24 10.05.2017
    12:24 10.05.2017

    Sweden Has Second Thoughts About ID Checks One Week After Repeal

    Last week, the Swedish government decided to repeal ID checks at the Swedish border after being pressured by the EU. However, the ID controls may soon be back due to a sharp increase in asylum immigration.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • French police officers patrol near the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, Monday Nov. 23, 2015.
    Last update: 13:32 04.05.2017
    13:32 04.05.2017

    Le Pen: With No Control, 'Weapons and Terrorists Pass Through French Borders'

    Weapons and terrorists pass through France's borders as things stand, presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen observed. She criticized absence of national borders within the European Union.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Police and customs personnel stop a freight truck at the toll booth at the Swedish end of the bridge between Sweden and Denmark in Malmo, Sweden, on November 12, 2015
    Last update: 10:44 04.05.2017
    10:44 04.05.2017

    Left Rejoices as Sweden Repeals 'Not Fun' ID Checks, Risking a New Migrant Surge

    Sweden's decision to drop ID checks after being pressured by the EU has been met with mixed reactions, both in the home arena and in neighboring Denmark. While commuters, integrationists and the liberal left cheered the decision, concerns of a rollback to the pre-migrant crisis situation were also voiced.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • McDonald's
    Last update: 10:40 03.05.2017
    10:40 03.05.2017

    Swedish McDonald's Learns to Speak Arabic Due to Popular Demand

    Swedish McDonalds has landed in hot water on social media after the hamburger giant's restaurant in the city of Södertälje in Greater Stockholm sent out leaflets in Arabic to households in the immigrant-heavy city.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Migrants arrive at the first registration point for asylum seekers in Erding near Munich, southern Germany, on November 15, 2016
    Last update: 18:38 28.04.2017
    18:38 28.04.2017

    Germany's Green Party Views Family Reunion as Tool to Reduce Migrant Crime Rate

    Allowing young asylum seekers in Germany to bring in their families would be an appropriate solution to the surge in migrant crimes in the country, as close relatives play an important part in instilling morals into their youngsters, Irene Mihalic, the German Green Party’s lawmaker and speaker for the internal affairs told Sputnik.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • A measles vaccine
    Last update: 17:05 27.04.2017
    17:05 27.04.2017

    Migrants Cause Few Measles Cases in 2017, Hidden Importation Likely – Swiss Health Office

    While only a few measles cases registered in Switzerland since the beginning of the year have been imported by migrants, the possibility of "hidden importation" of the disease should not be ruled out, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) told Sputnik on Thursday.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe
  • Refugees and asylum-seekers stand on the square by the Kornmarkt shopping center in Bautzen, Germany (File)
    Last update: 14:21 27.04.2017
    14:21 27.04.2017

    What? German Soldier Gets Refugee Status, Plots Crime to Discredit Asylum-Seekers

    The prosecutor's office in the German city of Frankfurt-on-Main detained a 28-year-old first lieutenant of the German army on suspicion of preparing a crime that could possibly discredit refugees.

    Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe