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    HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of a Cure

    It's been labeled "the plague of the 20th century", and since there's still no cure, the HIV epidemic crossed the millennial border, turning into the "modern-day plague". Listen to the inspiring stories of those battling the disease, and the sad tales of celebrities who succumbed to AIDS. Find out about the ways the virus is spreading and how people with HIV are still being stigmatized by society. Learn more from our special series "HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of A Cure".


    • Immunoassay screening lab the blood is tested for infection (hepatitis, syphilis, HIV) on automatic equipment at the Novosibirsk blood donation center
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      Beyond the AIDS Cocktail

      HIV used to be one of the most feared infections in the late 20th century. But as new forms of therapy that stopped the virus from replicating became available, HIV patients were finally able to live normal lives. However, their concern is the absence of a cure – a magic pill that will kill the virus completely.

      HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of a Cure
    • A virology lab at the AIDS and Contagious Disease Prevention and Control Center in Rostov-on-Don
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      13:17 GMT 24.03.2016

      Confronting the Stigma

      In the 1980s and 1990s, a deadly beast, the HIV virus, started spreading around the world, jumping outside the initial risk group habitat and into general populace. People feared the disease, which at times led to discrimination and even hatred towards HIV/AIDS patients.

      HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of a Cure
    • HIV Ribbon
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      Shooting Stars and Celebrity Survivors

      In the beginning of the HIV outbreak in the US in early 1980’s the deadly virus affected only a few small risk groups in big cities. Most victims were unknown to the public and lived quiet lives. But it wasn’t long until HIV/AIDS invaded the world of the rich and famous - celebrit actors, athletes and musicians.

      HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of a Cure
    • HIV Testing
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      The Hunters Become the Hunted

      For decades scientists have been struggling to find the origins of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Many theories were put forward, but the most commonly accepted one is the so-called “hunter theory.”

      HIV/AIDS: In Pursuit Of a Cure